$100 OFF! Big Discount for UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

The UWANT B100-E is an intelligent Multiple Spot Cleaner that simultaneously performs 4 tasks. This innovative device sprays, scrubs, pumps and then absorbs water in a single pass. This versatility allows for a fast and efficient cleaning.

This device is a practical solution that can replace traditional cleaning methods. The latter methods require time and physical effort, but their results are not very precise.

The motor of the UWANT B100-E is credited with a maximum suction power of 12 Kpa, which allows it to remove even the deepest of stains. In addition, the brush has two levels of suction power. This design allows for deep cleaning of stains in addition to those that are visible on the surface.

With the UWANT B100-E brush, the cleaning step is directly followed by water absorption and drying. The result is complete cleaning in a matter of moments.

The UWANT B100-E brush takes care of itself. It has a patented self-cleaning design. This means you won’t have to put up with unpleasant odors that can result from bacteria buildup in the ducts. The self-cleaning design also removes any stains inside the unit.

To service this smart brush, all you have to do is press and hold the self-cleaning button. Then, the unit will automatically rinse the brush and hose with clean water.

Using the UWANT B100-E cleaner will not be a problem for you. The unit adopts a flexible design that makes cleaning convenient. It has universal wheels that make it easy to move the main unit 360° on any surface.

In addition to its ease of movement, the UWANT B100-E brush has two large tanks. One can hold up to 1800 ML of clean water while the second is a 1600 ML waste water tank. These tanks are precisely designed to prevent you from frequently adding or spilling water during cleaning.

The practicality of this smart brush is also evident in the power cord. To avoid tangling problems, this 5-meter cable is neatly tucked away in the main unit of the device. To access it, simply press the Wind Up button on the back.

The UWANT B100-E brush is a versatile device for cleaning stains on a variety of surfaces. It can be used on fabric sofas, carpets, mattresses, sheets, curtains, plush toys, comforters, car seat cushions or footrests.

This smart brush will also allow you to fight different types of stains; whether they are classic or unusual. From urine stains to pet hair. The UWANT B100-E is also ideal for removing blood stains and dust.

Take this opportunity to purchase this brush that will save you from traditional cleaning methods that are exhausting, ineffective and sometimes expensive. After ordering, the product will be delivered to you from a local warehouse. In case of problems, UWANT has a close and responsive after-sales service.

The B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner is a product of smart cleaning specialist of UWANT. For this promotion, it is down to $199 instead of $299, so I think this is the best time to get it.