1More wireless earphones: True Wireless ANC, Dual Driver ANC Pro and React True earbuds

1More is a Chinese company specialized in the development and design of acoustic devices, in order to offer customers from all over the world products characterized by the highest quality audio at a reasonable price. This commitment has allowed it to sell over 38 million headsets in more than 28 countries and to receive numerous international awards. 1More headphones use proprietary low-power chips and ANC microphones to effectively suppress ambient noise by producing opposite sound waves that eliminate all unwanted sounds. On the occasion of CES 2020, we had the opportunity to have a chat with them and observe live the new models: the True Wireless ANC earphones (EHD9001TA) and headphones for sports1More Dual Driver ANC Pro (EHD9001BA) and 1More React True (EFS90001T).

Winners of the Innovation Awards 2020 and Design Award 2019, 1More True Wireless ANC integrate feedforward (external) and feedback (internal) ANC (active noise cancellation) microphones that detect ambient and ear noise allowing you to suppress noise at a wide frequency range. Using the touch controls , you can adjust the sensitivity by choosing one of the four available modes: ANC Level 1 that filters the ambient noise up to 35dB, ANC Level 2 that filters it up to 20dB, Pass-Trough that allows you to hear what is happening around and ANC Off to listen to music.

A dedicated DSP (digital signal processor) analyzes and adjusts the sound waves in real time to provide a well-balanced and natural sound and so you can immerse yourself in your favorite music. Thanks to the double hybrid driver with balanced armor patented by the company, the earphones are able to manage high frequencies, while a dynamic driver intervenes at low frequencies. The result is a crystal clear sound that is not compromised by the activation of the ANC. The calibration was made by Luca Bignardi, Italian sound engineer winner of four Grammy Awards.

The Qualcomm aptX chip and AAC (advanced audio decoding) improve the connection with Android and iOS devices, for faster transmission and Hi-Fi audio. Bluetooth 5.0 also reduces energy consumption and ensures signal stability. The battery supports fast charging through the special 410 mAh case / powerbank that allows the headphones to cover 2 hours with just 15 minutes of power. Overall, the autonomy of the earphones can reach 22 hours if powered by the case and 6 hours on a single charge (with volume at 50% and ANC off). The case can be recharged via USB-C cable or 5W wireless charger (not included in the sales package).

Ergonomics is favored by rubbers of all sizes and by the plastic hook that fixes them inside the auricle without causing discomfort even after many hours of music reproduction. An infrared sensor interrupts the music when they are extracted from the ear and the pairing with the smartphone is automatic upon removal from the case. Finally, using a multifunction button, you can manage all the commands: activate the voice assistant, adjust the volume, answer calls, hang up, pause or start the music and go to the previous or next track. They will be marketed in the coming days in the US at a price of $199.99.

Unlike the previous model, the 1More Dual Driver ANC Prothey are characterized by a cable that connects them and by a flexible bow that serves to lock them around the neck. In addition, the magnet on each of the two earphones allows you to keep them together and prevent them from falling if you let them dangle. Here too we find the double driver with balanced armature and the ANC technology for active suppression of ambient noise. Thanks to a 160 mAh battery, the autonomy is 20 hours with the ANC turned off, 15 hours with the ANC turned on and the quick charge allows you to cover 5 hours of playback with just 10 minutes of power. At the end of the headband there are all the physical buttons to adjust the volume, answer calls and navigate through the music tracks. The quality of connectivity and sound is guaranteed by Bluetooth 5.0 and the audio coding technologies LDAC and AAD.

The 1More React True earphonesthey have a still different design: they are without cable but equipped with a flexible hook that allows you to lock them over your ears. They are equipped with a charging case that can be closed with a zip and can load them very quickly. Their battery covers the total 30 hours (if powered by the case) and 7 hours on a single charge. Thanks to the IPX6 certification, this model will be perfect for undertaking outdoor sports without fear of sweat and splashes of water. As for the specifications, we find 14.2 mm dynamic driver, Bluetooth 5.0, AAC technology, heart rate monitoring sensor and infrared sensor for automatic play / pause when extracting from the ears. They will be available in June at a price of $149.99.