70mai Dash Cam Omni 360° rotating car camera is crowdfunding on kickstarter

The famous Dashcam manufacturer 70mai officially launched its latest product 70mai Omni Dash Cam, which is capable of recording video at a 360-degree angle, an ability claimed to be a world first.

Omni features 2-Phase Stepping Motors that provide smooth movement across 340°, combined with a 140° FOV camera with minimized distortion. Together, these features result in the industry’s first real 360°, no blind spot full-view dash cam. Smoothly panning the lens around, constantly monitoring everything that happens in all directions around the car.

The Dashcam 70mai Omni is designed to record all events inside and outside the car, even when the car is parked, with an AI-based algorithmic system for 24-hour monitoring.

In short, the algorithm can detect humans and identify whether the human figure is suspicious or not. If the system gets a “signal” that the human figure is suspicious, the camera will automatically record.

The Omni Dashcam is also equipped with other features in an emergency. When an accident or collision occurs, the camera will automatically record an emergency video for two seconds before the collision.

In line with the statement above, the 70mai Omni dash cam is also claimed to be free from blind spots. So, drivers don’t have to worry about the car being hit or scratched when they have to park, pass through narrow streets, and so on.

With a fairly small body, 51.5 x 51.5 x 93.2 mm, this device is equipped with an IPS screen with a span of 1.2 inches. The screen resolution offered is 240×240 pixels, while the video resolution is 1080×1920 pixels.

The ability to display images with a resolution of 1080 pixels is due to the Omni camera developing an image processing algorithm. So the device system can upgrade the video quality to a higher resolution. Even though it has a frame rate of 60 fps (frames per second), the resulting video is also claimed to be smooth.

In anticipation of low light conditions at night, the device is equipped with the PureCel®Plus-S HDR feature with an f/1.5 lens opening, and the ability to reach a dynamic range of 120dB. So that the results of the image shown can remain bright and easy to see.

The 70mai Omni dashcam battery has a capacity of 500 mAh. Sodtware in this camera is run by the NT96580 processor.

The Dashcam 70mai Omni is also equipped with a built-in GPS feature, along with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) services that can identify potential accidents/other dangerous situations, as well as route tracking features.

The Dashcam 70mai Omni is also equipped with AI-based voice control, so the driver is claimed to be able to actually remove the steering wheel safely. Steering and control will be fully carried out only through voice commands.


  • 32GB Version for $169.99
  • 64GB Version for $184.99
  • 128GB Version for $199.99

The 70mai Dash Cam Omni just launch through the Kickstarter platform and the pricing is extremely competitive. The limited launch day special starts with just $99 and offers 40% off and free shipping worldwide. There is also a special red-white edition limited to just 100 pieces for $109, so make sure to catch it in time. (100 red and white models will be provided as a limited edition for Crowdfunding)

About 70mai

70mai is a global smart car electronics company, with specialization in dashboard cameras. Founded in 2016, it has built a strong market presence across the world, selling to 103 countries and regions spanning Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and counting.

To date, 70mai has grown into an industry-leading provider for auto intelligence products, with highly competitive software and hardware capabilities. Its in-house R&D teams and award-winning industrial designers foster a culture of constant innovation, achieving a proven track record of creating quality, cutting edge products that combine advanced technologies with intuitive designs.