72% OFF Xiaomi Mijia 3C Robot Vacuum-Mop only for €159.99 on Tomtop

The MIJIA 3C Robot Vacuum cleaner is equipped with LDS laser navigation which can achieve 360° all-round scanning, quickly identify the home environment and establish an accurate home map.

In addition, it is equipped with a powerful brushless motor with a suction force of up to 4000Pa which can pull up all kinds of dust. At the same time, it is equipped with a two-in-one dust box and water tank, which is convenient and worry-free.

The MIJIA 3C Robot vacuum adopts the sweeping and mopping path of the bow character + Y character, which imitates the human hand to repeatedly mop the floor. The “bow” shape cleaning path planning aims to improve the cleaning efficiency while the “Y” shape is a cleaning path specially designed for mopping the floor, simulating manual cleaning, two-way repeated wiping, and easily removing stains. It is also equipped with an intelligent electric control water tank. The water is evenly discharged, and the wet mopping is continued to protect the floor from being soaked.

The MIJIA 3C comes with multiple sets of sensors that are built in to reduce collision and trapping. Multiple sets of sensors are built into the fuselage to comprehensively perceive complex environments, effectively reducing collisions, falls, and other problems during the cleaning process, making cleaning more worry-free.

It also supports the XiaoAI and is integrated with the MIJIA Smart app for remote control.

The Mijia 3C Robot Vacuum-Mop is priced at €159.99 on Tomtop. There is no word yet on the availability of the product. In addition, shipments are shipped from a German warehouse, which eliminates potential complications with additional fees and taxes.