Akasa Venom QX is another Case For Intel Nuc Compute Element

Do you sleep in an oak box? Do you hate garlic and have a certain attraction for pulsating veins? Are you looking for a case for a MiniPC that won’t get stuck in your cellar? The Akasa Venom QX camera seems ideal.

Akasa has a long history of creating enclosures for NUC solutions . His great specialty is to rid them of their ventilation system by offering them a massive setting allowing them to function passively. His latest collaboration with the brand goes against this habit. The Akasa Venom QX case is well and truly ventilated. Three 80 mm slots are arranged in the chassis.

Designed for Intel Compute Element NUC 9 Pro and Extreme solutions, the case can accommodate the motherboards of the Ghost Canyon and Quartz Canyon solutions. But unlike the solutions previously seen, the Akasa Venom QX offers enough space to add a graphics card up to 300 mm long. What imagine very muscular solutions and therefore quite greedy. Problem that the brand has anticipated by planning a large power supply issue with an optional 800 Watts model in SFX format. Finally, a 2.5 inch slot to accommodate a mechanical disk or a SATA 3.0 SSD is integrated into the chassis. All of this pushes the case into a space that is necessarily more imposing than the Intel models for example, it measures 37.7 cm deep by 26 cm high and 18 cm wide.

Note that Akasa is preparing a full range of these new models for us. Still in the making within the brand, it is building two other models of these solutions planned for this first quarter of 2020. The Akasa Turing QX and the Galileo QX. These two solutions will also be designed for Intel’s Compute Elements but come back to the manufacturers’ first loves: They plan to passively dissipate the watts released by the Intel solution.