Buy a new budget 3D Printer CREALITY CR-10S Pro from Tomtop

The Chinese manufacturer Creality3D brings with the CR-10S Pro for $489.99 which is another improved version of their popular CR-10 3D printer.

The new Creality CR-10s Pro 3d printer comes well packaged in a box. Although it is sold as DIY kit, the DIY part consists in screwing the gantry frame to the base frame and plug few connectors. Everything else comes preassembled. The base frame contains all the electronics, the power supply, the display and the heated bed. The gantry frame of the CR-10s Pro has the same proven construction as CR-10 – 2 x 2040 extrusions for the sides and on 2020 extrusion on top.

The most obvious change compared to the other CR-10 3d printers is that the power and control block is now integrated in the build. It is certainly improving the compactness, however those of you who intend to build an enclosure won’t have the possibility to control the printer from the display during print, without opening the enclosure. Easy workaround in this case is to connect a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint server for remote control via wifi.

The screen is now tactile with fast access to the SD card, the temperature setting and the printer settings. On the welcome screen are visible the bed and hotend temperatures (current / set). The most important functional change however is the bed levelling.

Creality CR-10s PRO offers assistance if you want to manually level the bed. No more need of special gcode files – you can do it from the touchscreen. Just press on each of the five buttons and the hotend will position in the selected corner (2, 3, 4 or 5) or in the center of the bed (1). For each position use an A4 paper sheet to determine the clearance to the nozzle and adjust the bed height by turning the knob underneath.

Creality CR-10s PRO is equipped with capacitive proximity sensor for automatic bed levelling. With a single press of the button “Check level” the hotend will position at 16 different points of the bed and perform automatic level adjustments.

The bowden extruder on CR-10s Pro is all aluminum now, with double gears and adjustable tensioner. Its action is similar to the pricy Bondtech BMG extruder and now it handles better more filaments, including flex.

The bowden tube is high quality Capricorn PTFE, which withstands 300 ºC. It means the CR-10s Pro is capable of printing Carbon, Nylon, PC ABS and other composite filaments requiring more than 250 ºC.

Is Creality CR-10s Pro for you? Yes it is. This printer provides superior printing quality and unrivalled printing volume for its price tag – less than 630 EUR. It is easy to assemble and perfect for beginners, however its ease of use will also please to the more advanced hobbyists. Even if you love to fine tune your 3d printer and install mods and 3rd party products, Creality CR-10S Pro offers most probably many of the upgrades you would install – 24 V premium power supply ($90 value), Bond tech type dual extruder ($50+ value), decent motherboard and motor drivers ($70 value), auto levelling, double heated bed support, etc.

Where to buy it with the cheapest price? You can find it at just for $489.99, and delivered from EU Warehouse, free shipping.