Buy Samebike LO26-WHFT 26 Inch Folding Electric Bike at Tomtop [Free Shipping]

On this occasion, I come to tell you about the Samebike LO26 electric bicycle, one of the best rated mountain bikes and with the best opinions from users of this type of bike. Something totally logical considering both its price and its technical characteristics, which will allow you to enjoy nature on your bike at a much lower price than the rest of electric bicycles. I know that this brand will not sound to you, but it is useless to buy a €1500 bike that offers you the same or even less than the Samebike just because it is a brand that spends more money on marketing. Of course, please, whatever you do NEITHER HAPPEN to buy you the E-bike 20 of the Moma brand, you are only going to throw money on a bike that does not reach the sole of shoes to this model. Now, You can buy it on Famous Online Store Tomtop just for $912.93 with free shipping and no tax (Dispatched from Germany warehouse).

Here I show you a list with the main features of the Samebike LO26:

  • Power: 350 W
  • Maximum speed: 25 km/h
  • Supported weight: 150 kg considering cyclist and packages
  • Aluminum alloy frame with other materials, making it durable and resistant to ensure safety
  • USB port to charge smart devices
  • Transmission 21 speed Shimano

Benefits of the Samebike LO26:

The material with which this e-bike is made is an aluminum alloy and other materials specially designed to offer a robust and durable product with the lowest possible weight.This will make you go through the most inaccessible places by lifting the bike if you need it, reaching the most unexplored areas. Safety is something very important and if we can, we must make sure to use products that take these aspects into account.

The engine offers excellent performance on any type of terrain. Due to the existing traffic regulations, the engine stops assisting in pedaling at 25 km/h, so from that moment on, moving forward will be only your thing. Anyway, I am sure that this will not be a problem.

Its powerful 350W motor generates enough energy to reach 25 km/h at an inclination of up to 30 degrees. Pedaling assistance is very useful especially on sloping terrain with obstacles such as mountains. Do you want to reach the top? With this bike I assure you that you will and you will still have the strength to enjoy the landscape.

Its price, much lower than that of many of its competitors is a factor to take into account. But beware! Its value for money is really magnificent. Not because it is cheaper in this case it is of lower quality. The components are of mid-range quality, just what you need if you are going to give your bike an amateur use.


A good quality electric bike at a practically unbeatable price. If that is what you were looking for when you have entered the article, you have entered the appropriate place. The Samebike LO26 is a model that will allow you to ride a bike through the mountains, but also in urban environments. I assure you that its elegant and robust design will meet all your expectations.


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Samebike LO26
Samebike LO26
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