Buy Samebike MY-SM26 Folding Electric Bike For Just 763.36 EUR on Tomtop

Today we are talking to you about the Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bicycle, one of the best-rated mountain electric bicycles and with the best opinions from users of this type of bicycle.

The Samebike MY-SM26 is equipped with an LCD screen that provides time, distance, speed and a variety of other metrics. It also dynamically updates based on the pedal-assist mode you are currently in, highlighting the current battery life level. The display of the Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bike is about the same as that of most other electronic bicycles, which means it is easy to read even in direct sunlight and provides a lot of information in a straightforward, simple format.

The material with which this e-bike is made is an aluminum alloy and other materials specially designed to offer a robust and durable product with the lowest possible weight. The Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bike will make you pass through the most inaccessible places lifting the bike if you need, reaching the most unexplored areas. Safety is very important and if we can, we must make sure we use products that take these aspects into account.

Samebike MY-SM26

The Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bicycle is both appealing and approachable, even for people who haven’t been riding for a while. Even without the use of an electric drive, this feeling is only enhanced by the comfort and flexibility of the bicycle on the road. This makes it more than just a multi-purpose bike that can travel to and from the office. And it’s something you want to ride on weekends.

Samebike MY-SM26

The engine offers excellent performance on any type of terrain. Due to the existing traffic regulations. Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bike has engine stops assisting in pedaling at 25 km/h. So from that moment on, moving forward will be your own business. Anyway, I’m sure this won’t be a problem for you. Its powerful 350W motor generates enough energy to reach 25 km/h at an inclination of up to 30 degrees. Pedaling assistance is very useful especially on steep terrain with obstacles such as mountains.

Samebike MY-SM26

Want to reach the top? With this bike. I assure you that you will do it and you will still have the strength to enjoy the landscape. Its price, which is much lower than that of many of its competitors, is a factor to be taken into account, but watch out. Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bike price-performance ratio is really great. Not because it is cheaper, in this case, is of lower quality. The components are of medium quality, just what you need if you are going to give an amateur use to your bicycle.

Where To Buy it?

The SAMEBIKE MY-SM26 Electric Bicycle has no significant weakness. It is now available on For Just at 763.36 EUR. ( Ship From: EU Warehouse )