Coumi ANC-860 Wireless Earbuds Review – Probably the best TWS headset under $100

ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) headphones are starting to go mainstream this year, but unfortunately the price, has been the biggest barrier to penetration. The advent of true wireless Bluetooth headphones has revolutionized our habits, and it seems we’re all a lot more refreshed without the messy headphone cord to tie us down. Those headphones on the market that cost under $100 often have poor sound quality or an unsatisfying appearance. So, what kind of headphones look good, sound good and are cheap?

Today, I’m bringing you a new product from Coumi, the ANC-860, which is currently on sale at Amazon for $59.99. It just so happens that I got this sample, and I personally think that the Coumi ANC-860 is probably one of the best wireless headphones under $100 for the money right now.

Packaging and Details

I was a little surprised to see the Coumi ANC-860 in a box, such a minimalist style of packaging is really not much, the overall color of the package in plain black, the middle of the logo in gold, printed in the middle of the product diagram, the bottom in white letters marked with the main features of the product.

The information on the back of the box is still very rich, including the headset’s main selling points, headset parameters, charging case parameters and packaging content and other information, and this parameter information is more detailed records of the headset’s communication distance, charging case battery capacity and talk time and other information, can be a good way for users to not open the package on the headset’s battery life to have a preliminary understanding of the information.

Although the packaging of Coumi ANC-860 is relatively simple, it still gave me a big surprise when I opened the package, the battery case and headphones are clearly arranged in a rational and beautiful layout.

Main Features

  • Active Noise cancelling, Maximum 28 dB reduction
  • Transparent Mode
  • Dual-mic Noise Cancelling for Crystal-Clear Calls
  • IPX7 Waterproof & Customizable Eartips in 3 Size
  • Bluetooth 5.0 & Touch Control
  • 12.5mm Large-Aperture Speaker Drivers
  • Type-C Charging Case


The Coumi ANC-860 has a square design with rounded edges, giving it a sleek and rounded feel. The charging case is made of high quality plastic and has a subtle frosted finish, which is delicate to the touch and increases the friction between the charging case and your hand. There is also a white indicator inside the black to remind the charging case of its status.

It is worth mentioning that the Coumi ANC-860 does not use the obsolete Micro connector because of the savings, but uses the mainstream mobile phone’s Type-C connector, which means we do not need to prepare a separate cable for this headset when we go out.

The Coumi ANC-860 headphones are ergonomically designed with an overall design somewhat like Redmi AirDots, with a silicone cap connecting the headphones to the ear canals and charging contacts designed into the tail of the headphones.

To be able to Coumi ANC-860 has better noise cancellation effect, the headset comes with three different silicone caps to choose from, the headset also adds a bidirectional four microphones, support for tap sensor operation, cut songs, answer phone calls, call the voice assistant, etc. just tap the headset can be, although this way of operation is very trendy, but I think this operation is not too perfect, operation compared to the Physical buttons less feedback we can only rely on the headset reaction to judge the operation process. At the same time, the headset also joined the infrared sensor identifier really do take off the headset music stop, put on the headset music playing real-time ‘wear detection’ function.


Connecting the headphones to your phone is not very complicated, just take out the two headphones from the charging case, then turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and search for the device. All in all it’s simple, just search to connect.

The connection distance is thanks to the built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the connection is stable within 10 meters, there will not be stuck, murmur and high latency.

Sound Quality

The Coumi ANC-860 supports aptX lossless encoding and AAC advanced audio encoding, and the performance in terms of sound quality is really outstanding, with a very strong sense of presence. The Coumi ANC-860’s bass is rich and powerful, and it can give you a very shocking feeling of dive when listening to music, and the midrange is also quite good, not only delicate but also very full, but sometimes the midrange can be too strong sometimes.

Songs in the treble brought us an unparalleled sense of transparency and brightness, without the sharp harshness, and the tuning was even better than the mid-range treble. When playing games, the Coumi ANC-860’s performance was also very satisfying, with the low-latency treble providing accurate audible positioning, and the sounds of footsteps and gunfire from near and far were all very layered.


After using the Coumi ANC-860 for a few days I really fell in love with the Coumi ANC-860 true wireless Bluetooth headset, although the headset’s knock sensing I’m still not very comfortable with, and the midrange is occasionally too strong, but overall the Coumi ANC-860 is still better than the disadvantages, is still a very good headset, especially compared to competing products in the same price range. The headphones are outstanding in both design and sound quality. Considering the sound quality, appearance and price, I think the Coumi ANC-860 is perfect and definitely a great product.

Where to buy?

The Coumi ANC-860 is currently priced at $59.99 and you can learn more about it on their official website. You can also buy it directly from the official Amazon store. You can use Code: W2GXBRKX ,then get it for $29.99 wth 40% OFF. Start Date: 2020/9/23 00:00 AM, Expire Date: 2020/10/31 23:59 PM.

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