Coupon for Atomstack P7 M40 40W Portable Laser Engraving Machine just for $209.99

In recent years, there has been a trend towards portable laser engraving machines. The emergence of home laser engravers has given consumers with a passion for crafts and trendy digital products a new toy to create unique engravings with the power of technology, and Atomstack, a leader in this field, has launched its latest generation: the P7 M40.

The Atomstack P7 M40 is a portable laser engraving machine that can be used for wood and metal engraving. It has a 40W laser cutter and engraver machine with 5.5W output power1. The upgraded spot size reaches 0.08*0.08 mm, and it can cut 12mm wood and 10mm acrylic in one pass. The engraving area is 200*200mm, and it can engrave on materials such as wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather, MDF, slate, lacquered metal, and mirror stainless steel.

I personally love the Atomstack P7 M40 for its sophisticated design. It has an all aluminium body with great CNC cutting and it feels cool and smooth when you touch it with your hands. We can see that its footprint is just the same as a 14-inch laptop.

The Atomstack P7 M40 is easy to carry and has a small engraving area, making it convenient to give as a gift or to use for business purposes. It has a stable and fine carving ability, and the cost may be more advantageous than other machines. The laser engraver comes with a user manual, installation manual, and specification sheet under the supports page.

Moving on to the hardware side of things, Atomstack engineers have been working on the laser module this year and the company has invested a lot of money in research and development. We can see the latest 40W laser module fitted to the P7 M40 machine, which has an optical power output of 5.5W and is officially capable of cutting 10mm wood. This laser head has this lens compression technology that compresses the area of the light source to 0.02 square millimetres, so it will be able to engrave better.

The Atomstack P7 M40 has a reliable design and is certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, FDA, and PSE. It has a user-friendly package that includes assembly blocks, laser, laser slide, foot pad foam, and more. The laser engraver also has eye-protection flame-retardant filter panoramic glass that can filter 97% of ultraviolet light, which plays a significant role in protecting the eyes. The colorful gift box packaging makes it more beautiful and convenient to give as a gift.

Price and Where to buy

The ATOMSTACK P7 M40 has also been upgraded with eye protection, which replaces the acrylic of the previous generation with a newly developed glass material that not only filters out 97% of UV light sources but also raises the ignition point at the spot for a further increase in safety. We can buy it from at $209.99 use coupon Code: AtomP7C20.