Coupon for Creality 3D Ender-3 V2 Neo just for €232.65 on Tomtop

Creality’s 3D printer model Ender-3 V2 NEO are now available on Tomtop online store, coinciding with the start of the Black Friday. When buying, you can also use our advantageous discount coupon: TCEV2V, which will reduce the selling price even lower just for €232.65.

This new generation of Creality printers uses thermoplastic coils (ABS, PLA or PLA reinforced) that allows its use both at private, educational and professional level. One of the novelties of this new range of printers is its kit packaging, i.e. a product with many pre-assembled components that are easy to assemble and ready to use.

The 3 printers have different advantages and new features compared to previous models of the brand such as: improved main board with silent TMC2208 drivers, carborundum glass bed to improve the adhesion of the first layer, display with a new simpler interface, a new filament feeding system and a faster XY axis tension adjustment.

“CREALITY” 3D printer manufacturer continues to revolutionize the 3D printer market in the world. Four years ago they launched their famous Ender-3 kit to reduce packaging volume and save on transportation and have already sold more than 1,000,000 units of this printer globally. With it they opened a new niche in the DIY & Hobby market and many other brands have copied their idea.

Creality Ender-3 V2 Neo represents the basic model for the so-called “hobby” of creators. However, it has solid technical specifications, which are complemented by a high-quality construction in a matte black color. The printer has relatively compact dimensions of 43,8 x 42,4 x 47,2 cm. The weight is subsequently 7,8 kilograms, so carrying it, if necessary, will not be a problem.

As for the printing itself, this model supports FDM printing technology with performance 350 W and prints with a maximum size of 220 x 220 x 250 mm. The maximum print speed is 120 mm / s and the deviation is consequently +/- 0,1 mm. The diameter of the nozzle is 0,4 mm, the supported filament is 1,75 mm. The temperature of the nozzle is 260 °C and the temperature of the main pad is subsequently 100 °C.

The manufacturer has continued to innovate in different versions always based on the original concept of kit printers. Earlier this year they launched the new Ender-3 S1, which was very well received in the markets. This new version is more precise, faster, quieter and more compact. In addition, it incorporates a calibration sensor that reduces start-up times.

How do you like the updated 3D printer model with the name Creality Ender-3 V2 Neo? If you have any other questions about this interesting product, just use our advantageous discount coupon: TCEV2V, which will reduce the selling price even lower just for €232.65.