Big discounts for Creality CR-Scan Lizard Standard Portable 3D Scanner on Tomtop

The Creality CR-Scan Lizard 3D scanner is a device successfully funded on Kickstarter in February 2022. After the CR-Scan 01 of 2021, Creality continues to innovate with a brand new model very different from the previous one. It is simple, accurate and efficient while remaining affordable, even for individuals!

The Lizard 3D scanner can capture the finest details with an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm. The device uses invisible near-infrared light sources, which means more protection for the eyes. It captures small parts and prototypes with deep, hard-to-reach details. Creality explains that the CR-Scan Lizard achieves its accuracy of up to 0.05 mm through its improved precision calibration method.

3D point spacing ranges from 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm. The minimum scan size is 15 mm. The intelligent algorithm simplifies the 3D scan. No markers need to be glued, even if the object is large.

The CR-Scan Lizard can scan objects from 15 mm to 1500 mm with three scanning modes: Turntable scanning, handheld scanning, and handheld plus turntable scanning. The turntable mode allows automatic scanning of objects ranging in size from 15 mm to 300 mm. Combination mode is suitable for scanning 300 mm to 500 mm objects such as shoes, vases and sculptures. This gives intelligent turntable scanning the additional flexibility of a handheld device. Handheld mode is suitable for scanning objects from 500 mm to 1500 mm.

With the easy-to-use CR Studio, model optimization is a click away, according to Creality. CR Studio supports automatic multiple position alignment, automatic noise removal, simplified automatic model topology, automatic hole filling and automatic texture mapping. The software supports free OTA online updates and is continually updated with new features, according to Creality. The 3D model can be uploaded to the Creality Cloud database. Cutting and printing is thereby completed with just one click.

The CR-Scan Lizard can be coupled with a color kit and supports the capture of colorful textures with cell phones or DSLR cameras. The colors are automatically assigned to models no larger than 300 mm with one click via the automation software and color restoration is completed. The file is exported in OBJ format in the process.

Black and very bright objects can be easily scanned with the CR-Scan Lizard. This is achieved thanks to a high-precision binocular camera system with a self-developed multispectral optical system that significantly improves light matching. The CR-Scan Lizard is compatible with a portable charger, but can also be charged directly via USB. The portable charger, which must be purchased separately, helps to use the scanner outdoors.

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