Coupon for Happyrun HR-X40 Folding Electric Bike on Tomtop just for €429.99

By now it is more than a fashion, it is a real way of life. We are talking about those who choose to get around the city on an electric bike. The different models in circulation can no longer be counted, yet among the most popular among users, for versatility, are folding bikes. Here is the offer on Happyrun HR-X40, which thanks to the discount code below, you can take home for 429.99 euros.

Happyrun HR-X40 has on its side a powerful 250W electric motor and a 6AH battery, which allows you to take the velocipede to 25 kilometers per hour, thus respecting the speed limits imposed by the Highway Code, and ride in total safety, without risking fines.

It is, as already anticipated, a folding bike, so it is also suitable for those who stay at home, in condominium apartments, being able to easily store it in a corner of the house, climbing the stairs or even in the elevator.

It is foldable, but at the same time sturdy, capable of carrying riders up to 125 kg. It has 14-inch wheels, so it is quite wide to ensure maximum comfort, even on slightly rougher trails. It reaches a Range of 25 km, and allows climbs with 15% gradient without the slightest effort. It recharges in as little as 4 hours, and of course has an adjustable saddle, so as to satisfy as many riders as possible.

Happyrun HR-X40, the folding electric bike full of style at discount with coupon
The dimensions of the bike are 112 x 48 x 90 cm when open, and 112 x 30 x 62 cm when folded. Its overall weight is just under 20 kg, in line with this type of electric bike.

Its list price is lowered by discount code FFHRX40, which allows you to take it home for 429.99 euros with free shipping from Germany.