Coupon for Navee N65 electric scooter with unique double folding handlebar system on tomtop

The updated NAVEE N65 electric scooter is now available with 500 watts of power and a unique dual-folding handlebar system. Thanks to the high-capacity 12.5 Ah battery, it can comfortably cover distances of up to 65 kilometers without recharging. A reinforced frame is sure to withstand the weight up to 120 kg, while the weight of the scooter itself doesn’t exceed 24 kg.

The NAVEE N65 is powered by a high-capacity 12.5 Ah 48V battery. Meanwhile, the built-in BMS controller protects the power source and extends the life of the battery for extended use, allowing efficient use of power throughout the entire route. It takes about 7 hours to recharge. This is one of the highest capacity batteries I’ve come across in scooters. I’m specifically talking about reputable manufacturers with no hidden capacity increase. Still, charging up to 7 hours is quite a lot. In my opinion it is time to introduce fast charging protocols.

High speed is achieved thanks to the 500-watt brushless motor. The speed can be adjusted in 3 ranges with a maximum cut-off of 15, 20 and 25 kilometers per hour. It also features electronic cruise control, where the set speed is held throughout the entire range, making it easier to control and more comfortable to drive. The power is more than enough to overcome hills with an angle of elevation up to 25 degrees. Indeed, with the engine power of 500 watts speed of 25 kilometers per hour does not seem so and fast, because such a speed can dial up the device and the 250-watt motor. But power reserve is always a good thing, because it allows you to quickly increase the speed at the right moment. And weaker motors can’t do that for sure.

NAVEE N65 is equipped with inflatable 10-inch wheels, so it is able to overcome various obstacles and move it will be comfortable even in unpaved roads. Moreover, the water protection standard IPX4 contributes to this. The scooter is equipped with reliable electronic system ABS with regenerative technology recharging the battery at the time of engine braking. On a back wheel the mechanical ventilated disk brake is established, thanks to what the braking distance will not exceed 5 meters even at the maximum speed. 10-inch wheels are not a surprise nowadays, but they are quite enough for driving on dirt or gravel. Yes, a little shakes, but strong discomfort is not experienced. Having increased the wheels up to 12 diameter with the same engine power it will loose traction and the possibility to increase the speed a little bit. Still, the scooter is designed for urban environment with smooth asphalt paths, so 10 inches is quite enough.

For a confident ride a metal frame with 17 centimeters wide deck covered with anti-slip sliding rubber coating is installed. And the presence of a metal frame with a stable deck is a huge plus, because on a long trip legs are less bogged down and you can carry a small load.

On the steering wheel is set LCD display with information about driving speed and the level of remaining charge. More information about the status can always be learned from the mobile application paired with the scooter. For identification on the road, a bright LED light is mounted in front and behind the scooter. The presence of the screen allows you to always monitor the necessary information without taking your eyes off the road.

Where to buy

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