Coupon for Niubility B16 Electric Bicycle just € 479.99 on Tomtop

The Niubility B16 is a practical electric bike for the city that comes with a tempting price and well-balanced performance for what it costs. This is a model with 16-inch wheels and the typical 350W motor that offers a maximum speed of 25KM/h. It also has a folding frame and on paper the autonomy does not look bad (up to 50KM), for that and other reasons more wins our attention today.

Without being the most striking model on the market, the Niubility B16 does well in this respect. It is built with an aluminum alloy that provides both strength and lightness to the structure, which protects the battery inside and shields it from the elements.

As you may notice, it’s a compact 16-inch bike that doesn’t stray far from what other brands have to offer in this market segment. That said, the B16 does receive an IP6 rating, so it’s not the kind of bike you don’t want to take off the beaten path.

As we are accustomed to from the manufacturer, the Niubility B16 features a folding design for space saving or easy transport. Normally measuring 137*24*113 cm when assembled, it can be folded in 5 easy steps to temporarily reduce its size to 78*35*65 cm. Additionally, we can adjust the height of the saddle and handlebars by 10cm and 26cm, respectively, accommodating our particular needs.

The Niubility B16 has everything we could ask for from an electric bike in this price range, the only thing missing is a damping system for the seat; a feature that the company has started to include in its most recent models, but unfortunately we won’t find it here.

On another note, the right handlebar is home to an electric start button and a gearbox. For its part, on the left handlebar, we get a screen that is scarce in useful information to display; in this sense, it only lets us see the stem and the selected mode.

The usual for bikes in this range is a 350W or similar motor and an average speed of 25 kilometers per hour, and well, we have to say that the Niubility B16 does not stray in the slightest from that formula. That said, the maximum speed will not be a problem, since it is the limit established by the DGT in Spain for this kind of moped vehicles.

On the other hand, the bike has its respective Shimano 6-speed gearbox and KMC variable speed chain, so the transmission issue is well covered. Likewise, mechanical disc brakes make for a safe stopping experience, and night riding won’t be a problem thanks to the presence of a front LED headlight and rear refractor.

Finally, the lack of additional safety features was to be expected, and the same can be said for the absence of smart features to accompany the product.

A large 42V/10.4Ah li-ion battery is responsible for giving the Niubility B16 the energy it needs to get us from one place to another. In this sense, on paper the autonomy is around 40 to 50 kilometers, but we can extend this distance by pedaling, which would be the assisted mode. However, this duration stipulated by the manufacturer will vary considerably depending on the state of the road, the user’s weight and other factors.

The process of replenishing the battery from 0 to 100% is one that takes 4 to 6 hours using the included charger; these are typical figures and it would be unwise to expect more in this market segment. However, the fact that the display does not accurately indicate the battery charge status can be somewhat frustrating.

Overall we’re looking at a decent entry-level electric bike that doesn’t stand out much beyond having good performance for its price, but that shouldn’t blind us from criticizing the reduced hill climbing ability or its screen that barely has any useful information to display. Otherwise it’s a decent choice for urban mobility.


You can now buy the Niubility B16 electric bike with a coupon code TCNYTB for €479.99 at the Tomtop online shop. The bike will be delivered free of charge within 3 to 5 working days from the EU warehouse.