Coupon for Oclean X Pro Elite Sonic Toothbrush and W1 Water Flosser

Oclean is a company that specializes in dental care products, including electric toothbrushes and water flossers. They decided to bring as part of the Christmas sale attractive discounts on selected products, which you can now buy much cheaper. All products in this article are available with delivery absolutely free without the need to pay any additional fees, such as customs duty or VAT.

Oclean ushers in the new year with a new promotion on Official Website, dedicated to two of its most popular electric toothbrushes: the Oclean W1 and Oclean X Pro Elite. In fact, you will have the opportunity to purchase these products at a 10% discount off the original price, simply by use the coupon code: OCLEAN10 when adding the item to your cart.

Oclean X Pro Elite

The first product in the Christmas sale is a sonic toothbrush Oclean X Pro Elite. It offers 84 vibrations per minute, a 000-axis gyroscope, a low noise level of only 6 decibels, and excellent cleaning efficiency with an ergonomic head. The four modes, increased IP X45 resistance, as well as the connection with the mobile application will also please you.

For more demanding users, Oclean also offers the Oclean X Pro Elite electric toothbrush. This model has smart features and is capable of providing deep cleaning thanks to its 42000RPM motor and 32 intensity levels for four brushing modes. With WhisperClean technology, this toothbrush emits a noise of just 45dB at full power and analyzes brushing in real time thanks to an AI algorithm. It also integrates a 0.96-inch touch display and a battery that can last for 35 consecutive days with normal use.

Oclean W1

This is no ordinary electric toothbrush, in fact, the Oclean W1 is an oral irrigator to clean your teeth using water jets, just like when you go to the dentist for a cleaning. Of course, the effectiveness between the two will not be comparable, but it can be an excellent option for everyday life. In addition, this product is portable and can even be used on the go without any embarrassment.

The Oclean W1 has a small water tank of 60 ml and offers three cleaning modes: standard, gentle and massage. The autonomy in standard mode gives for 30 days, with a daily cleaning of 2 minutes.

Besides being an electric product it can still be connected to your smartphone, thanks to Bluetooth 4.2. With the app, you can control the history of washing, set reminders and even realize the number of jets and the amount of water already used.

The Oclean W1 Portable Dental Water Flosser is available for about $69.99 using discount code OCLEAN10. Shipping is free and there are no additional charges, as they are borne by the origin. Delivery time is between 7 and 15 days.