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The SCULPFUN S10 is a mid-range laser engraver that comes to the market with an interesting proposition. Going into details, it has a 10W laser and offers an engraving area of 410*400 mm, but more interesting than that is its promise of industrial-grade precision, not to mention that it comes with a high-speed air nozzle, which gives it an advantage over more conventional models. The machine also promises high cutting capacity and the possibility of expanding the engraving area with an optional kit.

This is a laser engraving and cutting machine with a fairly conventional design, but we have to point out that it has an all-metal blue frame, which seems to be made to withstand use and abuse. With that in mind, the SCULPFUN S10 ships pre-assembled and in 3 steps we can have it ready for action, which is great.

That said, what separates it from the competition is the fact that it adopts a high-precision sliding rail X-axis, which means you get industrial-grade engraving accuracy. In addition, both the X and Y axes contain precise scale lines, which is convenient for measuring the size of engraving objects quickly.

Its design also gets thumbs up for being expandable, but not only that, it also supports the possibility of replacing the laser head.

On another note, it is worth mentioning that the laser module is equipped with a UV shield that protects the user’s eyesight and saves the need for protective eyewear. It is completely optional, as it can be removed and even allows its angle to be adjusted, so it should not interfere with the machine doing its job. As always, it is recommended not to look at the laser diode when it is active.

Also included with your purchase is a metal pad in the size of an A4 letter sheet, its purpose? To serve as a base for the material being cut or engraved and prevent the laser from affecting, for example, the work table.

We can mention that there is a power switch on the machine, which can turn off the power directly and quickly in case of emergency.

Although the SCULPFUN S10 uses a 10W laser module like its predecessor, it is important to note that the new model benefits from a higher energy density, which gives it better penetration when cutting and engraving. However, this is not the only advantage over the previous model.

Going into details, the S10 is equipped with a high-speed air-assisted nozzle. The difference in this nozzle is that it has an advanced fluid mechanics design to better utilize air pressure. This has merit as it improves cutting efficiency and cleanliness.

With that said, the engraving area of the S10 doesn’t change from the S9 either, offering an area of 410*400 mm, but also the ability to expand it to 400*950 mm with the Y-axis extension kit, which, by the way, is sold separately, so it doesn’t earn you extra points. In the same vein, rollers and panels can be purchased for even more uses.

If you’re wondering about the kind of materials it can engrave on, the manufacturer claims that it can do its job on wood (including walnut, cherry and other high-density woods), MDF, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather, PCB board, alumina, 304 stainless steel, ceramics and more.

When it comes to cutting, this machine likewise exhibits great efficiency, said to be able to cut 20mm thick clear wood, 15mm thick plywood, 10mm thick teak wood, 6mm thick MDF, as well as 15mm thick acrylic, which speaks volumes about its power.

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