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Let me ask you a question, how comfortable are you right now? Perhaps you’re laying down, perhaps you’re standing up, perhaps you’re sitting in a ungodly uncomfortable chair. One more question, okay? Have you heard of gaming chairs? They’re just like office chairs; with a twist. Most of them have aggressive designs, random cutouts, modular pillows, reclining seats, and sometimes even foot rests.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at a chair from a company called shuanghu. If you’ve already googled gaming chairs, you probably wondered into territory of multi-hundred dollar chairs. Nothing wrong with that all, honestly. However, if you’re not looking to dish out the hard-earned cheese for something you’ll only sit in, stay here because this chair might surprise you and the shuanghu Gaming Chair which is newer with more features is only $100.99 when you use coupon code 09NV2TXP at checkout from Amazon.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose this gaming chair:

1. Adjustable Gaming Chair

You can find your comfortable position by the height adjustable and reclining between 90°-150°, working, sleeping and gaming, any place you can enjoy it.

2. Updated wheels

shuanghu gaming chair have smooth roller wheels which doesn’t require the mat, it moves smoothly over the carpet and the tile as well. And it won’t make noises.

3. Sturdy and Stable Office Chair

Made of premium quality PU leather covering for easily cleaned and fade resistant. Thick cushion gives good support and the retractable footrest is nice and sturdy. Our gaming chair supports up to 300lbs weight. It is perfect for gamer or worker who sits at desk a lot.

4. Comfortable and Versatile Gaming Chair

Ergonomic design and soft lumbar support, you can keep your back relax. The cushion on the armrest keeps your hand comfortable. The headrest can correct our wrong sitting posture, so that our head and neck can be relaxed and comfortable at any time.


I believe this chair is absolutely great for the price. It was a huge upgrade from my waiting room style chair I was sitting in. I highly recommend you consider the shuanghu Ergonomic Gaming Chair if you’re looking to save some money but upgrade your sitting experience.

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  • Promo Time: 29th June-28th July PDT

About shuanghu

shuanghu is a professional office gaming furniture brand integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.The brand’s main product series are computer gaming chairs and ergonomic chairs and is aimed to be a world-leading gaming equipment brand. Using “Sit in the comfortable and freely” way as our company design concept, “Customer first” is our core. We shall insist on creating more comfortable, longer lasting and cooler gaming chairs.