Coupon for Swiitol C18 Pro 18W Laser Engraver on Tomtop just for €299

Laser engravers have become one of the most popular products of the moment. An option for both professional and hobby use. Swiitol is a brand that has a good selection of models available. One of the best known in its catalog is Swiitol C18 Pro, a very complete option.

A model that we can buy now with a great price at TomTop. So if you were looking for a laser engraving machine, it is a good option to consider.

This Swiitol C18 Pro is a laser engraving machine that has 18W of power. This model has an engraving surface of 400 x 400 mm, which is presented as a good format, which you will be able to use with all kinds of products easily. In addition, it has a renewed 50 mm long focal length light source, which allows an improvement in the quality and precision of the cut for better results, making it also ideal for professionals.

This machine stands out especially for its speed, which can reach 30000mm/min. This is a speed with which we can work much more efficiently at all times. It is also worth mentioning its reinforced design, so it is a much more resistant machine that can be used in all types of environments.

The Swiitol C18 Pro is a really easy to assemble machine and also stands out for being compatible with well-known engraving programs such as LaserGRBL or LightBurn. It also provides support for many operating systems. So no one will have any problems using this machine

Price and Coupon

It is currently available for purchase at TomTop at a great price. The Swiitol C18 Pro has a 44% discount on its price with the code “TCSW18W“, so you pay only 299 euros for this great laser engraving machine. A good option to consider and more if we take into account this adjusted price.