Coupon for Swiitol C24 Pro 24W Laser Engraver just for €359 on Tomtop

Swiitol is a brand of laser engraving machines that has managed to carve a niche in the market. The brand has an extensive catalog, with a model that stands out above the rest, the Swiitol C24 Pro. This laser engraving machine is a very complete option, both for hobbyists and professionals. Now we can buy it at a discount at TomTop.

In addition, we are faced with two options in this regard. Since we can buy the machine individually, but there is also a second option in which the machine comes with accessories.

The Swiitol C24 Pro laser engraving machine is a model that has a power of 20-24W and has an engraving surface of 400×400 mm in size. In addition, it makes use of a renewed 50 mm long focal length light source, which allows for improved cutting quality and precision. This makes it a very interesting model for both professionals and hobbyists, thanks to its good results.

This machine has an engraving speed of up to 30000mm/min, which allows it to work quickly and efficiently, ideal if you plan to use it professionally. In addition, the firm has renewed the structure of the machine, helping it to perform better, thus making it more resistant in all types of environments and work better with all types of surfaces.

On the other hand, this machine has a new filter for eye protection. This filter is able to filter out 97% of ultraviolet light, so that it is comfortable to use and avoids having to wear special glasses when using this engraver. The machine is compatible with software such as LaserGRBL or LightBurn, as well as supporting all major PC operating systems.

As we have mentioned, we find two versions of this Swiitol C24 Pro in this promotion at TomTop. The brand also leaves us with a version accompanied by accessories. These accessories, such as a work table for the machine, help to achieve better results in its operation. We also find an accessory that will allow us to use this laser engraving machine with wood or acrylic materials. Also with an air pump, for an engraving made with air. In addition to having several modules, which will allow us to rotate the objects we want to engrave and thus obtain the best possible results with it.

This Switool C24 Pro can be purchased at TomTop with a price of 359 euros, provided you use the coupon SWC24PR in the checkout process. This way you can get this cool laser engraving machine at a discount.