Coupon for Swiitol E24 Pro 24W Laser Engraver just €395.00 on Tomtop

In this age of personalization, the Swiitol E24 Pro 24W laser engraver offers the perfect solution for your creative projects with its superior performance and unmatched precision. Whether it’s for business promotion, artistic creation or personal favorites, the Swiitol E24 Pro has you covered.

The Swiitol E24 Pro is one of the top laser engravers for use in the home as well as for professional work. It offers a wide range of advanced features, not to mention that the laser is directly included in the structure of the machine, so it ensures smudge-free engraving. Moreover, the aluminum alloy frame ensures maximum strength.

The bottom frame is made in one piece, while the metal X-axis adopts a dual-axis guide structure, reducing vibration and ensuring stability even at high speeds of 36000 mm/min.

Compared with the previous generation, the laser is more powerful, allowing this machine to easily cut wood boards up to 17 mm thick and black acrylics up to 15 mm, with 40 percent faster engraving and cutting speed than conventional models.

The next-generation laser is designed to avoid occlusion, with a focus module and built-in air assist system (optional purchase). The 32-bit motherboard ensures faster data reception and processing.

The engraver can also be controlled via the BURNLAB mobile app, available for Android and iOS, providing an intuitive and smart control experience.

Safety-wise, the Swiitol E24 Pro includes an eye protection design with a filter that reduces ultraviolet light by 97 percent, eliminating the need to wear protective eyewear during laser engraving.

The machine is compatible with various engraving software and supports various file formats, offering exceptional flexibility in engraving and cutting applications. It also features an emergency stop button and a reset switch.


It is currently available for purchase at a coupon discount. First of all, when purchasing you will already receive a discount that lowers the price to 395.00 euros with coupon on Tomtop: SWTE24PR.

On this page, however, you can buy the super-equipped version, complete with Air Assist Pump, feet to raise the machine and 400×400 mm Honeycomb work table.

Shipping, in any case, is free and comes from European warehouses, so it is fast and without customs fees.