Coupon for Timekettle M2 Offline Translation Earbuds just $99.99

Timekettle is looking to bring the world of sci-fi to life with their Timekettle M2 language translator earbuds. These earbuds recognize 40 different languages across over 90 accents, and can translate live speech into another language on the fly. This opens up conversations with just about anyone on the planet, regardless of what languages both people speak.

The standout feature that the Timekettle M2 language translator earbuds have over the competition is the fact that the earbuds were designed to translate from a wide number of languages in real time, allowing those who don’t speak the same language to communicate.

For the translations to work, all that’s needed is to download the free Timekettle app. There are a few ways to translate speech, with one involving both people wearing a single earbud, one where one person speaks into the phone with the app running while the other wears the earbuds, and one that’s more designed for listening instead of having a conversation. There are also some features that don’t involve the earbuds at all, like a text translator and a group messaging function.

Who Are The Timekettle M2 Language Translator Earbuds For?

  • Timekettle M2 language translator earbuds are designed for those who want to communicate with others who speak a different language, such as someone on a vacation in a different country.
  • Timekettle M2 earbuds support 40 different languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian, and most of the other major languages.
  • The earbuds can also be used as standard Bluetooth earbuds for listening to music or watching videos.
Impressive Yutaka
Impressive Yutaka

Timekettle’s M2 translation earbuds are a fantastic idea that wasn’t executed as well as it could have been. There are moments of genius when things go right and you’re having a conversation in two languages, but those moments are more on the rare side than the common one.

Outstanding long-lasting performance
Outstanding long-lasting performance

Also, the earbuds are just too uncomfortable to realistically use outside of translation purposes. If there’s an update to the app that can significantly boost translation performance, the Timekettle M2 earbuds could be a travel must-have.

Compatible with iOS and Android
Compatible with iOS and Android

Where to buy?

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