Coupons of VIOMI Robot Vacuum Cleaner feast, the most beautiful price for you

Viomi Technology Co., Ltd operates as a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, develops and sells Internet-of-things-enabled home products such as water purifiers, refrigerator, fan, water dispenser, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, and washing machines.

Today, I will focus on introducing you to their Robot Vacuum Cleaner, a category that already has a share of the international consumer market.

If you guys have been considering buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner lately, then I’ve got four products for you, and all of them show coupons for probably the lowest prices on the entire web. Check them out together!


  • With coupon code: VIOMIS9
  • Page price:  $649.99 / €559.41
  • Coupon price: $582.99 / €479.99
  • Ship from: Poland / Germany  warehouse
  • Free shipping

Main Features:

  1. A smart map customized cleaning plan can store multiple maps, freeing your hands.
  2. The automatic dust collection function can automatically empty the dirt after cleaning, and the LED display and APP will remind the replacement of the dust bag.
  3. The 5200 mAh large capacity battery can work continuously for 220 minutes and can clean up to 320 square meters at a time.
  4. The power-driven miniature pressure tank can precisely control the spray and flow rate to avoid leakage and damage to the floor.
  5. Y-mop mop algorithm has S/Y type entry mode, 250ml large water tank, clean up to 250 square meters floor at one time.


  • With coupon code: GEEKLIFEV2
  • Page price: €304.59 / $359.99
  • Coupon price: €279.99 / $349.99
  • Ship from: Poland warehouse
  • Free shipping

Main Features:

  1. 360-degree laser scanning, LDS radar ranging, SLAM algorithm real-time construction of the whole house environment map, intelligent planning cleaning path.
  2. Professional mopping path design, simulating artificial mopping, two-way repeated wiping. 550ml intelligent electronically controlled water tank three-stage water volume adjustment, even water protection wooden floor.
  3. 550ml dust box large area sweeping, 550ml water tank large area mopping, 300 dust box +200 water tank sweeping one.
  4. The cleaning ability is greatly improved, equipped with the Japanese brushless motor, and the air duct design is adjusted to achieve 2100 Pa suction, can absorb ground dust, hair, rice, soybeans, steel balls, and other large particles.
  5. The working capacity is lower than 20%, the sweeping machine automatically recharges to 80% of the power, and automatically resumes to the breakpoint to avoid the sweeping and repeating cleaning.
  6. Make an appointment to clean, regularly clean, name the area, view the cleaning path in real time, and set the no-cleaning area.


  • With coupon code: GEEKLIFEV3
  • Page price:€389.20 / $469.99
  • Coupon price: €361.62 / $441.99
  • Ship from: Poland warehouse
  • Free shipping

Main Features:

  1. Virus killer system
  2. HEPA filter with silver copper ion virus killing
  3. Disposable sterilizing rag
  4. 99% sterilization rate
  5. Super strong suction /big battery
  6. 2600Pa Super Suction
  7. 4900mAh battery
  8. 2cm climbing ability


  • With coupon code: GEEKLIFESE
  • Page price: €270.74 / $309.99
  • Coupon price: €245.99 / $299.99
  • Ship from: Poland warehouse
  • Free shipping

Main Features:

  1. Upgraded 2200Pa Strong Suction for Faster Cleaning
  2. 3200mAh Battery, Clean 200㎡ Area in One Go
  3. LDS Mapping Navigation, Never Get Lost
  4. AI Dynamic Path Algorithm to Accurately Draw The Cleaning Route
  5. 2cm Climbing Ability, Come and Go Freely
  6. 12 Sets of Sensors, Easy to Avoid Obstacles
  7. 2 in 1 Water Tank + AI Smart Y-type Mopping
  8. Support 7 Schedules | 5 Maps
  9. Deep Sweep Sweep specific area No-go zones Virtual wall
  10. Support Multi-language, and works with mijia app

Although is a young mall, they offer great prices, great logistics, and almost all items are shipped from European warehouses, so you can receive your package quickly. In addition, they support Paypal payments and have a robust after-sales service, so feel free to shop at!

Please note that:

  • For customers paying in U.S. dollars, please purchase on the Global site.
  • For customers who use Euro, please purchase at any site of France site/ Germany site/ Italy site.