CrealityFalcon: Carving the Future, Progressing 2024 Together

For Creality, 2023 has been a year filled with challenges and opportunities. We took a crucial step in 2023, launching the new website for engraving machines, CrealityFalcon has consistently dedicated itself to providing users with outstanding laser engraving machine products and services. Through continuous innovation and upgrades, we have empowered users to achieve remarkable milestones on their creative journey. We hope you will discover more exciting content and anticipate the possibilities awaiting you at

Excitedly reflecting on the days gone by, we have witnessed the developmental journey of CrealityFalcon and our relentless efforts in the laser engraving field. Here are the key milestones of our journey, showcasing the highlights of CrealityFalcon.

The engraving machine prices on the market are high, making it difficult for some users to access affordable and quality products. Recognizing this, Creality is committed to creating more cost-effective machines, making engraving technology accessible to a wider audience. We always prioritize users, deeply analyze market demands and user pain points, striving to ensure everyone can experience convenience and joy in their creative pursuits with laser crafting.

In 2021, Creality launched the Falcon series engraving machine, CV01-Pro, This marked our entry into the engraving machine domain, gaining attention and acclaim from users. User support is our driving force, inspiring us to dedicate ourselves to continuous technological innovation and product upgrades.

Following the success of CV01-Pro, we have consistently listened and highly valued user feedback. Through in-depth research and careful refinement, in 2022, Creality introduced the CR-Laser Falcon series machines, encompassing different models with 5W, 7.5W, and 10W power options. This series underwent substantial upgrades in functionality, catering to the creative needs of cutting and engraving. While upgrading products, Creality also focused on the service experience, striving to make users feel more cared for and providing a more satisfying overall experience.

The Falcon2 series product not only has superior performance but is also sold as whole units, eliminating installation hassles. With 12W, 22W, and 40W power options, catering to cutting upgrades and engraving advancements.

The Falcon2 series product upgrades brand philosophy and services, aiming for more comprehensive services and a professional brand, considering user needs for an outstanding experience. User trust and satisfaction are the sources of our development, propelling us to continuously surpass ourselves and create better engraving machine products and services.

In 2024, CrealityFalcon will place even more emphasis on brand upgrades and customer service, providing consumers with more comprehensive services. CrealityFalcon is committed to growing together with you, continuing to dedicate ourselves to providing an outstanding creative experience, and looking forward to jointly creating a brighter future.


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