Discount feast for DYU E-Bike: Riding an electric bicycle to touch the spring

In spring when everything is reviving, we should go to the wilderness to enjoy nature. E-bikes can provide a lot of convenience for people, whether it’s commuting to work or taking a weekend trip. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a reliable and affordable electric bike.

DYU is an intelligent sports technology company focusing on e-bikes in China, and has set up R&D operation service centers in Europe and the US. The DYU brand is here right now with their world debut and global launch of four different e-bikes models in different categories. So there’s always a model for you, let’s go.


  • Discount: $200 off
  • Original price: $1099
  • Final price:$899

DYU T1 is a foldable electric bike that has a removable battery for convenience. It is equipped with a 250W motor and 10Ah battery, which provides long-lasting ride time. The T1 is designed to make life easier and more adventurous, perfect for city commutes thanks to its foldable form and removable battery. It features an aluminum alloy body that offers a comfortable ride and shock-absorbent properties. On a single charge, the T1 can reach distances of up to 34.2 miles.

Looking for something on the stylish side for a cool ride about town, this one might be it. The DYU T1 is a stunning foldable e-bike constructed of lightweight magnesium alloy featuring torque sensor technology for more efficient battery use. Key for those long commutes. The removable battery is hidden away behind the seat. There is also an adjustable seat with a shock absorption system in place. The max speed for the rear-hub motor is about 15 mph.


  • Discount: $200 off
  • Original price: $1699
  • Final price:$1499

The DYU V8 is a 20-inch electric bike with a 750W high-power motor and Shimano 7 Speed Shifter. It is optimized for complex terrains and features a front and rear dual shock absorbing system for a comfortable ride.

The V8 has been designed for both urban commuting and weekend recreation, boasting a powerful motor, lithium ion battery, and seven-speed Shimano cassette. The V8 also features 20×4 all-terrain tires and front and rear lights, making it suitable for day or night riding in any terrain.

DYU King 750

  • Discount: $200 off
  • Original price: $1799
  • Final price:$1599

The DYU King 750 is an electric bike with a 750W motor that enables riders to handle all kinds of challenging roads. It has a Shimano 7-speed transmission system and Shimano front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, providing additional stopping power. The bike has a range of up to 80km on electric battery and up to 100km on power-assisted battery.

The internal removable battery makes charging more convenient and the model more beautiful. The DYU King 750 also features multiple shock absorption systems, including a front shock absorbing system, enabling riders to conquer different surfaces, including mountain roads and snow roads.


  • Discount: $200 off
  • Original price: $1499
  • Final price:$1299

The DYU FF500 is a foldable electric bike with a 48V 14Ah battery, front and rear disc brakes, and a range of 70KM. It has a 500W motor that can handle all types of terrain. The bike’s frame is foldable for easy storage. The fat tire design adapts to various road conditions, making it perfect for urban cycling. The removable battery provides convenient charging.

The DYU FF500 electric folding bike is equipped with a powerful motor that can help you ride on rough roads easily. It has a top speed of 20mph.

DYU 2023 World Debut

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular recently and for a very good reason. With the optional assisted or even full power modes the e-bikes are instanly usable by a much wider range of population. And with the winter always giving way and spring approaching fast, it’s a perfect time to look for a new model. The DYU brand is here right now with their world debut and global launch of four different e-bikes models in different categories.