Don’t miss 2021 Prime Day Sale from XIDU

2021 XIDU Amazon Prime Day sale will start on June 21. Enjoy at least 20% off for all the products. Hurry up, add to cart now and check out on June 21st before the stock runs out at XIDU Amazon store!

XIDU Laptop Accessory on Sale:

All of the laptop stands, mouse, laptop bag are on sale, check links for details!

  • PhilStand: A super portable laptop stand with an extra stable design.
  • PhilStand Pro: A comprehensive stand for working from home.
  • PhilStand Max: The best laptop supporter from XIDU, get it when it is on sale.
  • PhilHoder: You must-have TikTok accessories under $20.
  • Wireless Mouse: Featherweight wireless mouse with the long battery life
  • Laptop Bag: Anti-water laptop protects you device at only $15


For more deals, please check the our store page. XIDU is going to launch more laptop related product later this month, such as Type-C external hub, stayed tuned for that!

Product link:

PhilStand Pro
PhilStand Max
Wireless mouse
Laptop Bag