€699.99! BEZIOR M1 Electric City Bike lowest price ever at GOGOBEST

Christmas time is approaching and so is the gift shopping. Many people are starting to buy presents early this year, as they are quite rightly worried about higher prices. Inflation caused by the war in Ukraine is moving the market, which is reacting mostly negatively. The price of electronics is up several dozen percent year-on-year, and analysts fear it may not stop there. That’s why buying gifts in advance seems like a pretty good idea.

The BEZIOR M1 is very similar to the ELEGLIDE F1, except that you can’t fold it in half. However, it also comes with a 250W motor, up to a 12.5Ah battery and even a smart LCD display that shows you all the essentials.

The bike is available in two colours (Black and White). There is also a 7-speed SHIMANO gear system, 80-kilometre range and IP54 water resistance. The sturdier construction is complemented by 27.5″ tyres, making the bike suitable for both city and off-road use.

Its price stopped at €699.99. You do not need to enter any coupon when ordering, the promotional price is applied automatically. The GOGOBEST store will deliver it to you from an EU warehouse, which means it will arrive quickly and you don’t have to pay any extra charges on delivery.