Electric Bike Feast in Local Warehouse Promotion on GoGobest

Hi Guys, today I’m here to proudly introduce you a feast about electric bikes. Usually, electric bikes are expensive to ship because of their weight, which invariably increases the cost of purchase for consumers. This time, GoGobest mall brings us a huge sale on models from the Local Warehouse ( US and EU and UK), with various discounts and coupons. So, for those who are planning to purchase outdoor mountain e-bikes recently, please make sure to read on.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to switch to an electric bike is the health benefits that come with it. Riding a bicycle is a great way to get some exercise, and electric bicycles make it easy to ride long distances without getting tired. For all these reasons, it is clear that electric bicycles are the future of urban mobility.

At GoGobest, you will find a wide range of electric bikes to meet every need and budget. Whether you’re looking for a bike for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or a high-powered bike for long-distance riding, there’s an electric bike that’s perfect for you. Check out the below options from the GoGobest store featured this week, and you’ll find the perfect electric bike for your next adventure.

10% Off For Below Products – Use code: BFHQG6

Special Offer For Below Products – 5% Off Code: 8RWH91

Below I have listed a detailed list for those who are interested, you can refer to:

Product name Warehouse Original price(EUR) Promotion details Promotional price(EUR)
GOGOBEST GF600 USA 1399.99 5% off: 8RWH91 1,329.99
GOGOBEST GF700 USA 1549.99 10% off: BFHQG6 1,394.99
BEZIOR XF900 USA 1499.99 5% off: 8RWH91 1,424.99
BEZIOR X500 PRO USA 985.99 5% off: 8RWH91 936.69
BEZIOR X1500 USA 1499.99 10% off: BFHQG6 1,349.99
BEZIOR XF001 USA 1419.99 5% off: 8RWH91 1,348.99
BEZIOR XF200 USA 1449.99 10% off: BFHQG6 1,304.99
AOSTIRMOTOR S17 USA 2299.99 5% off: 8RWH91 2,184.99
AOSTIRMOTOR S18 USA 1899.99 5% off: 8RWH91 1,804.99
AOSTIRMOTOR A20 USA 819.99 5% off: 8RWH91 778.99
SAMEBIKE LO26 USA 980.99 5% off: 8RWH91 931.94
SAMEBIKE 20LVXD30 USA 825.99 5% off: 8RWH91 784.69