Get Some Health Care Products @Tomtop

So you can see you have a wide blend of things open here is one of the striking producers. You from a general perspective need to pick which one is intelligently significant for you. Logically like in the wake of the social affair, Tomtop Health Care Sale will thank their clients for being with them for a long time. Loads of cutoff focuses and perspectives will go on this period also. Get Good deals for health care products from Tomtop.

Therefore, we specially recommend the following items for you, I hope you will like them.

Large Capacity 35 Rolls Domestic Use 4-Layer The Original Wood Pulp Paper Towel

Get Some Health Care Products @Tomtop

Color: White
Material: The Original Wood Pulp
The Quantity Of Each Package: 35 Roll
Single Paper Size: 110 * 110mm
Package Weight: 2000g
Package Size: 350 * 250 * 120mm

Fengjie Bathroom Touchless Hand Disinfection Machine Hospital School Wall-mounted Alcohol Mist Spray

Get Some Health Care Products @Tomtop

Model: F1409
Material: ABS
Color: White
Rated Voltage: DC4×1.5V
Capacity:1000 ML
Sensitive range: 8cm±1cm
Amount of each spray:1 ML
Item Size: 12.5 * 11.1 * 26cm
Item Weight: 820g
Package Weight: 1200g
Package Size: 14.5 * 14.5 * 28cm

Anti-Virus UV Mask Sanitizer Cell Phone Sterilizer

Get Some Health Care Products @Tomtop

UV Color: Purple
Input: 5V2A Micro USB(Cable Included)
Power:2W (D5x140mm*2)
Switch: Touch
Aromatherapy diffuser Power: 2W
Operation: Shut and activate to Sanitiz, Opening lid UV lamp turns off automatically
Material: ABS
Size: 205*120*35mm
Netweight: 267g

Rechargeable UV Sterilizer Light & Air Purifier

Get Some Health Care Products @Tomtop

Color: Black / Rose Red / Blue
Material: Quartz Tube + Aluminium Magnesium Alloy + Stainless Steel
Power: 5W
Input Voltage: DC5V
Charging Interface: Micro USB
Battery Type: Built-in 3.7V 500mAh Polymer Battery
Mode: UVC + O3
Working Time: 15min/use
UV Wave Length: 185-254nm
Product Size: 165 * 34mm
Product Weight: 62g
Package Size: 19 * 6 * 5cm
Package Weight: 117g


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