Get the eMeet Luna Bluetooth speakerphone just for $69.99 @tiktech

Once you have more than a few conference calls from home, you’ll find out how mediocre your laptop’s microphone and speaker really are. My advice: get a speakerphone. You know how those who pepper conference rooms in the office. There are some inexpensive gems out there. For example, eMeet has some really nice hands-free models, and the new Luna is a versatile model that sounds good for $100. But right now you can practically steal it from You can get them eMeet Luna for $69.99 if you cut out and enter the $20 coupon: g8vwpear on the product page.

We glanced at a number of speakerphones recently and named the Luna one of the best models under $100. He particularly liked the noise reduction – it automatically minimizes noise caused by environmental disturbances like clattering keyboards, squeaky chairs and buzzing air conditioners – and the fact that you can switch multiple eMeet speakers in a row if you need to transmit the sound over to other people a large table.

But even if you are alone, it has some great amenities. For example, you can have it automatically connected to your laptop via Bluetooth or simply connect it via USB. It also has a 2,600 mAh battery that lasts about two days at a time and saves electricity by putting it to sleep when you don’t make calls or play music for a long time.

eMeet M2 Conference Bluetooth Speakerphone

You can now buy eMeet M2 Conference Bluetooth Speakerphone from for only $161.49 (regular price: $189.99) if you’ll use our coupon code: asgjyktv. Hurry up, limited time offer, with free shipping to US!

The eMeet OfficeCore M2 is the second generation of a portable Bluetooth speakerphone adapter made by Chinese manufacturer eMeet. The previous version of this device, the OfficeCore M1, has received many celebrated reviews. This new version is very similar to the previous one. They are both small round battery powered units that feature speakers and microphones and are connected by Bluetooth, USB, or 1/8-inch jack cables. The M2 version has optimized VoiceIA signal processing (a custom eMeet solution), Bluetooth 4.2, enhanced Bluetooth range, and a touch sensitive interface. A specialized version of the M2 unit permits the user to record a conversation. In addition, a separately sold cable enables the user to daisy chain multiple M2 units together to increase range. The OfficeCore M2 weighs about half of the M1 but as a tradeoff, it cannot be used as a power bank like the M1 can.