Google launches new experiment Shoelace to build a social network

Google and the social networks – not necessarily a success story, after which many attempts (including Schemer) were buried in the sand and Google+ was recently buried. Now, with the Area 120 troupe responsible for smart replies, among other things, it seems as if they are once again daring a new attempt, Shoelace should mean the whole thing and concentrate on cities.

You start in New York – currently only by invitation – and offer apps for iOS and Android. In contrast to the classic approach of a social network, Google wants to bring people with the same interests together and motivate them to do something together with friends by suggesting activities in the city. According to Google, the proposed activities should be hand-picked, so curating is important. A bit like Schemer only with more moderation.

In view of the fact that this is another experiment by Google, I’m pretty curious as to whether the whole thing will fly on its own or even end up in maps at some point. Would even fit there because of the city reference. Let’s have a look.