Himiway A7 Pro Urban Electric Commuter Bike makes urban cycling easier

The Himiway A7 Pro is part of Himiway’s Discovery Series, which combines the four-bar linkage suspension of a mountain bike with the refined performance of a mid-drive motor, promising riders a commute that is as smooth as it is powerful.The Himiway brand redefines practical transport with affordability in its DNA, making the A7 Pro a powerful blend of affordability and a powerful blend of top-notch performance.

Packaging and Assembly

The Himiway A7 Pro arrives packaged in a standard size e-bike box. The packaging is one of the most protective on the market. The entire bike is nestled securely in a foam block and most of the frame is wrapped in plastic to prevent any damage. The assembly process is so simple and intuitive that the bike rides almost straight out of the box. From installing the ergonomically designed handlebars to easily inserting the front wheel and wings, every step is hassle-free. Add pedals and a headlight and the A7 Pro is ready to hit the road.

Design and Build Quality

Every component of the Himiway A7 Pro’s design and build has been carefully selected to make everyday riding more comfortable, to improve the functionality of the e-bike, and to establish it as a great choice for urban commuting and non-technical trail riding.

Motor and Battery Performance

The motor and battery performance of the Himiway A7 Pro not only helps to deliver a powerful and efficient riding experience, but also ensures that every journey is smooth, safe and enjoyable, making it an outstanding choice for urban e-bikes.

Battery life and charging

The Himiway A7 Pro’s battery life is a testament to its urban commuting capabilities. Equipped with a 720Wh capacity Samsung/LG 48V 15Ah battery pack is a powerful source of power, providing an impressive range that outlasts many of its competitors in the mid-drive motor category.The A7 Pro has a maximum range of up to 50 miles on a single charge, with an average range of around 35 miles in mixed use. The battery can be fully charged in just 4-5 hours, which is ideal for those living a fast-paced lifestyle.

Comfort and riding experience

For the Himiway A7 Pro, comfort and riding experience are critical to ensure that every journey is both enjoyable and efficient. Each component is designed to enhance the performance and overall experience of the bike. The combination of these features ensures that the A7 Pro is not just a mode of transport, but a true extension of the urban lifestyle.

Advanced Features

The advanced features of the Himiway A7 Pro include a range of enhancements that improve the riding experience. These features contribute to the performance of the bike.


By exploring the Himiway A7 Pro, we’ve learnt about the many features that cement it as an ideal choice for urban commuting and leisure adventures. From the 720Wh battery that can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge, to the powerful 500W mid-drive motor, every ride isn’t just about mobility, it’s also about enjoying every pedal with ease and confidence. The fusion of advanced safety measures and superior build quality emphasises a design that is in sync with the needs and desires of e-bike commuters.

Price and Promotion

The 2-year warranty and 15-day return policy provides peace of mind and reinforces the brand’s confidence in the A7 Pro’s quality. At its regular price of $2,399, but this price is slashed by $200, dropping the final price to $2199 shipped using the code priceboon200 code at checkout. But when you compare it to other mid-drive motor ebikes, it’s a pretty good price, especially considering all the features and high-quality components on the A7 Pro.

Similar with the early bird offers for the Himiway C5 and C3, you will get 20 percent off on accessories that you can use within the first year of your A7 Pro purchase. You also get a $300 one-time discount for your next purchase or a chance to get a full refund. Plus, a $350 off is given for orders amounting to $2700, $650 for $3700, and $1,200 for $5000 and up. More details can be found on the company’s website.