HP equips two new ProDesk 400 G5 and 600 G5 mini-PC with a ninth generation Intel Core chip

HP is preparing to release ProDesk 400 G5 Desktop Mini PC and ProDesk 600 G5 Desktop Mini PC, designed primarily for use in the business sector.

The ProDesk 400 G5 Desktop Mini PC features a maximum configuration with the ninth-generation Intel Core processor. The DDR4-26666 RAM can hold up to 64 GB of RAM. It is possible to install a hard drive or solid state drive with Serial ATA 3.0 interface. Besides, inside the case there is a place for fast module PCIe NVMe SSD.

As for the ProDesk 600 G5 Desktop Mini PC, its characteristics are not yet fully disclosed. But it is known that it is allowed to use the ninth generation Intel Core processor and up to 32 Gbytes of DDR4 RAM.

Both devices are equipped with USB 3.0 ports, a symmetrical USB Type-C port, and standard audio connectors. Dimensions are 177 × 175 × 34 mm. Windows 10 Pro operating system is supported. Sales of new products will start before the end of the current month, there is no information about the approximate price at the moment.