IKEA and Xiaomi are working on a table with wireless charging

Xiaomi has announced a partnership with IKEA. Manufacturers aim to implement a specific project – a table with the option to charge smartphones and other devices. The charging power is 20 watts. There is very little information about this product. However, foreign media report that the product in question is “DIY”. Manufacturers offer to combine an ordinary table and charger, and also show how to do it correctly.

The approximate cost of the IKEA table is $20.84, and the wireless charger Xiaomi – $20.84. On this basis, the table with wireless charging function will cost users only $39.38. On the official pages of Xiaomi in social networks already published a series of photos to create such a table.

Initially, it seemed that Xiaomi and IKEA will create a table with charging in any area, but now it becomes clear that this is not the case. However, the hidden module of the wireless charger is not the worst variant either, especially considering its power – 20 watts. In order for the smartphone battery to start charging, you need to put it on the appropriate device.

Such a table cannot be considered a revolutionary novelty. This is a common phenomenon in cafes and restaurants. Why not create such a table at home? Moreover, the implementation of the idea will require a minimum of investment and time. The main thing is to think carefully where exactly the wireless charging module will be located.