Large-scale update of AmazMod is being prepared by Xiaomi Amazfit

AmazMod is an application that is the basis of the Xiaomi Amazfit smart watch software environment. Today it became known that the release of the update package will take place in the near future. The software modification is aimed at adding new functionality as well as eliminating previously discovered bugs. Installation of the latest firmware version will significantly increase the efficiency of smart-watches.

The authoritative SmartWatchZone portal announces that beta version 1.1.6 of the firmware optimizes the heart rate detection technology. The notification system has been significantly optimized. It will be much easier now to take screenshots of the screen. The new version of the software is in the final stage of testing. The developers have added a new service application, in which you can see the schedule of battery consumption. This will allow you to make the best use of the watch, prolonging its operation in standalone mode.

The notification system has also undergone significant optimization. When the smartphone battery is discharged, the corresponding notification will appear on the smart clock screen. Critically low battery level of Xiaomi Amazfit is accompanied by a corresponding notification on the screen of the smartphone. This is a very useful innovation. The design of the icons of images, applications and browser parameters has undergone considerable redesign.

Installing a new version of the software will automatically eliminate all system bugs that have been detected by developers and users before. This will significantly improve the performance of the gadget.