Meet the biggest promotion of XIDU laptop at Aliexpress 8.28

XIDU company, a Shenzhen-based emerging technology group, was established in 2014 as first laptop brand of Shenzhen Baohuazhong Co., Ltd, aiming to design innovative laptops tailored to modern users, especially to young people. XIDU Brand is always in pursuit of innovation and improvements. It provides users with cost-effective products of high quality by its own advantages and plays a leading role in this industry.

For the 8.28 promotion on Aliexpress, XIDU takes the occasion to offer the best deals to students who are going back to school and their families as a grateful gesture to all funs who have always been supportive for XIDU products. Laptops included in this sale are XIDU PhilBook Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop and XIDU Philpad, which aim at “Easy office, Easy life and Easy fashion”. During the sale promotion, the prices of both laptops will be cut by $40, the biggest discount ever! It is a great opportunity to experience the high performance and excellent configurations of XIDU products, most importantly, at a surprisingly low cost. Next, let’s see some key features of these two versatile, portable and efficient laptops.

XIDU PhilBook Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop, at the original price of $289.99, weighs only 2.42 pounds with a 11.6-inch screen. It’s a laptop and at the same time a tablet. The 360° flexible hinge enables users to flip the screen in any direction, which enable users to share the screen with their friends face to face as a good companion in office for work and at home for entertainment. It has dazzling display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. In addition, the 11.6-inch screen supports multi-touch function, which improves working efficiency and reduces the need for an extra mouse and keyboard. With an Intel Atom Quad-core Processor, 64GB storage and 4GB RAM, it runs fast and demonstrates high performance though it only weighs 2.42 pounds. Customers can carry it anywhere they want and use it at any time. This laptop is pre-installed with Windows 10 system and it’s highly recommended to students, office workers and business travelers.

The XIDU PhilPad comes with two modes, laptop and tablet mode. In your spare time, you can move the detachable keyboard, adjust it to tablet mode and watch your favorite TV series or singing star anywhere you want. At work time, assemble the keyboard and enjoy the smooth and pleasant experience of PhilPad while you operate various software at the same time. The ergonomic soft keyboard really makes it comfortable to type on a compact device and the 135° Rotatable kickstand enables you to use it at various angles. The device is like a laptop and tablet integrated into one and you can change it into either one like a magician.

It is worth mentioning that both PhilBook and Philpad have HDMI ports and other necessary connections like USB ports and Micro SD card slot. For students or office people, it is convenient to share their ideas or plans to other people.

This kind of large-scale promotion is rare to find given the current momentum in the industry. Time is limited, so place your order during back-to-school promotion as soon as possible and you will get a right-hand assistant for your work and new semester.

Aliexpress 8.28 promotion

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