MEIZU UR high-end custom headphones released: professional tuning, expensive

At the Meizu new product launch conference on August 28, Meizu officially released the new acoustic high-end custom brand “MEIZU UR”. The high price of the first batch of products also surprised many people. The most expensive price is $1400, which is luxury. In order to better understand this product, I couldn’t help but look at the product details page of MEIZU UR, and finally found out that I want to buy, I should go to the hospital!

MEIZU UR is a high-end customized HIFI earphone made according to the user’s ear shape. It is made by a private ear mold 1:1 hand-grinding. The natural, stable and non-inductive wearing experience is full of HIFI music. In terms of configuration, it is the combination of the sound field and the Lou’s unit. With the joint tuning of the composer Akun, MEIZU UR has become even more subtle. Why buy a headset like this, why go to the hospital? Wouldn’t it be to sell kidneys?

Of course not. In fact, going to the hospital is a necessary process for purchasing MEIZU UR. In addition to the regular pre-payment deposit, the official also needs to make ear mold making, confirmation, etc., and it takes a series of links in the middle to make the customization more precise. The essence of the custom earphone is the ear mold. The ear mold is a model that is printed according to the user’s ear canal structure. The ear mold is the same as the fingerprint. It is private and unique, which means that the customized earphone made by the individual ear mold can only be used. One person enjoys, others don’t have this opportunity.

The production of ear molds actually requires the participation of the hospital. First, we need to go to the hearing aid store to take the model. The official recommendation is Siemens hearing aid stores. After that, we need to go to the otolaryngology department of the hospital nearby and ask the doctor to take the mold. Before taking the mold, it is necessary to keep the ear canal healthy and normal, no redness, inflammation, etc., and in order to ensure the quality of the ear mold, the mold is not taken twice a day.

MEIZU UR 4 unit version price 2699 yuan, 6 unit version price 3699 yuan, 8 unit version price 5699 yuan, 10 unit price 8699 yuan, do you want to try?