Mi Band 4 doesn’t have to wait, Amazfit Cor 2 is a great tracker with color screen

Fitness bracelets from Xiaomi are almost the most popular category of products. Customers snap Mi Band even faster than Redmi smartphones. But this is not the only line of trackers from the Chinese company. We have already written about Xiaomi Hey Plus – more advanced version of Mi Band specially for Chinese market. In addition, Xiaomi produces devices under the Amazfit brand, both watches and bracelets.

The other day the company released Amazfit Cor 2. Device received a lot of innovations, most of which were expected in the fourth version of Mi Band. The bracelet turned out to be so worthy that now there is no need to wait for the update of the main line.

Instead of a small monochrome display like in Mi Band 3, the Cor 2 bracelet received a full color LCD-panel with a diagonal of 1.23″ and extremely insignificant frames. The same display was in the first generation, and the owners of Cor already know how convenient it is.

The size of the screen allows you to do on the Cor 2 things that Mi Band users did not even dream about. Notifications can now display pictures, advanced activity statistics can be viewed directly from the device, and the widget to control music playback is moved to one screen. There are a lot of such trifles: added weather widget, smart alarm clock and support for several timers at the same time.

All Cor 2 models are available with an NFC module. Don’t get excited sooner, as Google Pay is not supported (Google only allows contactless payment on Android Wear devices). The bracelet from Amazfit still works with Alipay and Xiaomi Pay systems.

But firstly, as we have already written, Xiaomi Pay can be launched in Russia, and secondly, the NFC module can be used as a tag to manage smart devices.

The large colour display and additional features have had almost no effect on the total battery life. Like Mi Band 3, the Cor 2 bracelet is capable of living from a single charge for as long as 20 days.

In case you turn on continuous heart rate tracking every day and set up notifications so that they come in every few minutes, the period is reduced to about a week. But still, it’s an extremely solid figure. All this is due to the fact that Xiaomi has placed in a miniature case quite a fat battery of 160 mAh: only a little less than the noticeably more chubby Apple Watch (there are about 200).

The previous generation of Cor was about half the size of the Cor, so the result of the work of Xiaomi’s engineers is really impressive. Xiaomi not only declares that the Cor 2 is IP68 protected, but that it is even completely waterproof to a depth of up to 50 m, i.e. up to 5 atmospheres.

This means that with the Cor 2 you can swim in the pool or even in the ocean without any problems. Device will have nothing. Only two things are missing: the GPS module and the swimming tracking module. Cor 2 added waterproofing, but forgot to make it useful. Perhaps a new kind of activity will be added to the firmware updates, but for now you will have to count the circles in the pool manually.

Otherwise, Amazfit Cor 2 is a more elegant and modern version of Mi Band. And the price list is already the most adequate: only 44$ are asked for Cor 2. Mi Band 4 will cost no less at the start of sales. However, to order a gadget from Amazfit while it is possible only in the official online store Xiaomi.

We are waiting for deliveries to AliExpress. And if you can’t wait, you can order the first generation of the same bracelet (the battery is worse and there is no NFC).