Mother’s Day Special: Capture Eternal Moments of Love with Creality 3D Scanner

Celebrate this Mother’s Day by presenting a token of “love” that’s both a gift and a delightful surprise for your mother. Consider gifting her a miniature 3D-printed replica of yourself, symbolizing your presence and affection.

Alternatively, arrange a special encounter with your mother and utilize a 3D scanner to capture her likeness. This process will document her current look and attire in intricate detail. You can then proceed to print and customize a figurine of her, or immerse her digital representation in her most cherished virtual 3D environment, creating a lasting memento of this moment.

For mothers with a penchant for artistry, creativity, and hands-on projects, you can elevate the experience by introducing her to the world of 3D technology. Engage her in the scanning process and guide her through it, turning this into a shared, joyful technological adventure. Embark on a family tech escapade that will make this Mother’s Day a truly memorable occasion with the perfect blend of 3D scanning and togetherness.

Always keep in mind that the essence of this gesture transcends the physical gift; it’s an expression of your support, love, and appreciation for your mother.

Creality CR-Scan Otter 3D Scanner

  • Original Price: $899.00
  • Code: OTTER100
  • Discount: 10% OFF

The Creality CR-Scan Otter is a high-precision handheld 3D scanner capable of scanning a wide range of objects from as small as coins to as large as the entire human body or large automotive parts. Key features of this scanner include:

  • High accuracy: up to 0.02mm.
  • Fast scanning speed: up to 20 fps.
  • Anti-shake function: ensures the stability of the scanning process.
  • Supports outdoor scanning: Scanning is possible even under light conditions of up to 30,000 lux.
  • Fill light: equipped with 2 white LEDs and 8 infrared LEDs to enhance the scanning effect.
  • All-metal body: improves durability.
  • Touch Buttons: Provides a convenient operating experience.
  • Interactive Indicator Light: facilitates users to know the status of the device.

The CR-Scan Otter utilizes an innovative quadruple vision design that includes a set of long focal length binocular subsystems and a set of short focal length binocular subsystems, which are used to capture details of small and medium-sized objects and to scan larger objects, respectively.

In addition, Creality Scan software provides multiple scanning modes for this scanner, allowing users to choose the appropriate scanning mode for different types of objects. For example, Geometry Mode is suitable for objects with rich geometric features, Texture Mode is suitable for small objects with limited geometric features, and Marker Mode, which requires the attachment of reflective circular marking points on the surface of the object, is suitable for objects with limited geometric features.

CR-Scan Otter also has a multi-project stitching feature that allows multiple scans to be combined into a complete model, which is very helpful when scanning larger objects.

During the scanning process, users can select different camera exposure control modes as needed, with automatic exposure for larger targets and manual exposure for smaller objects for more accurate scanning results.

After scanning, users can perform point cloud optimization to fuse multi-frame point clouds to obtain higher quality point cloud data. Resolution is an important parameter in the optimization process, with smaller resolutions capturing more detail but potentially longer processing times.

The Creality CR-Scan Otter 3D scanner is suitable for a wide range of 3D scanning needs, whether it is for 3D printing, industrial design, medical, heritage preservation, or other fields, and provides excellent scanning results.

Creality CR-Scan Raptor 3D Scanner

  • Original Price: $1499.00
  • Code: RAPTOR100
  • Discount: 10% OFF

The Creality CR-Scan Raptor is a versatile and high-precision 3D scanner that combines NIR (near-infrared) structured light technologies to achieve exceptional accuracy and versatility in scanning various objects.

The CR-Scan Raptor boasts metrology-grade accuracy of up to 0.02mm, making it suitable for applications that require precise measurements. It features 7 parallel blue laser lines, each with a thickness of up to 0.1mm, which enables the capture of sharp edges and detailed point clouds. The scanner’s resolution ranges from 0.02mm to 2mm, depending on the scanning mode and distance from the object.

The CR-Scan Raptor operates in two primary modes: blue light mode and NIR mode. The blue light mode is ideal for high-resolution precision scanning, with a scanning speed of up to 60 frames per second (fps). The NIR mode is better suited for broader capture ranges, with a scanning speed of up to 20fps.

The scanner is designed to handle objects of various sizes, from small figurines to automobile components. It can detect objects within a scanning range of 5 x 5 x 5 mm³ to 2000 x 2000 x 2000 mm³. The CR-Scan Raptor is particularly effective in scanning black/metal objects without the need for scanning sprays, thanks to its infrared structured light technology.

The Creality CR-Scan Raptor is a cutting-edge 3D scanner that offers unparalleled accuracy, versatility, and ease of use. Its unique combination of blue light laser and NIR structured light technologies, along with advanced algorithms and features, makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial and professional applications.

Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro 3D Scanner

  • Original Price: $429.00
  • Code: FerretPro

The Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro is a 3D scanner designed for high-precision scanning and portability. It is part of the Ferret series of 3D scanners from Creality, a well-known Chinese manufacturer of 3D printing and scanning technology.

The Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro competes with other 3D scanners in the market, including those from Revopoint and 3DMakerPro. While it may seem more expensive than some photogrammetry apps like Polycam, it offers a dedicated device with a wider range of capabilities and compatibility with multiple operating systems.

The Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro is a high-performance 3D scanner designed for users who require precise scanning capabilities and portability. Its dual mode scanning, anti-shake technology, and 24-bit full-color scanning capabilities make it an attractive option for those seeking high-quality scans.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there!