Must-have laptop accessories Giveaway from XIDU

Since the global pandemic, there are lots of chances you need to spend many hours in front of the laptop at home. Have you got neck pain after a long time staring at TikTok from the same angle? Did you ever feel back pain when you try to stretch the arm? Consider investing in a laptop stand that can help you prevent such moments or ease the pain. You should choose a laptop stand that maintains the right back and neck posture while you are working. XIDU has announced some little gadgets that aim to enhance your work/study from home experience and even the performance of your laptop! In the meantime, XIDU is also doing a big GIVEAWAY on those new products! Check the details at the end of this article.

PhilHolder: Must have TikTok Tool

From your Phone to tablet, PhilHolder indeed can hold everything for you! The PhilHolder is simple yet elegant in its way. The product is pretty durable and sturdy thanks to its all-metal material. With the 360-degree rotation features, you can adjust the holder to any angle. XIDU also reserves a charging port on it in case people need to charge the device when using it. PhilHolder can support up to 13 inches phones and tablets, free your hand and relax your neck! Enjoy an extra $9 coupon on the page, and get this TikTok Tool right away on Amazon!

PhilStand: Small body for a heavy duty!

If you commute or travel with your laptops, you will probably need a portable stand that can allow you to put into a padded sleeve or messenger bag. If you like to carry your stand along with you to the workplace, it is best to choose a lightweight and foldable one which takes up minimal space and easy to set up. PhilStand is your best choice. With its portable and adjustable features, PhilStand can fit up to 15 inches devices. The seven angles adjustment and the soft silicone pad can help to keep your laptop firmly in place. XIDU also includes a carrying pouch in the package that can stash it in your bag, so your laptop is well protected. Use the $5 coupon on product page, PhiStand is available at here!

PhilStand Pro: A wide compatibility universal stand

Once you increase the height, you can use the extra space underneath for the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Constructed with the magnesium-aluminum material and with the central void design, it saves you from the excessive heating of laptops. PhilStand Pro is perfect for the home office most of the time. Adjust the stand to a proper elevation, maximize the comfort for yourself. So the PhilStand Pro can also free up desk space. A $3 coupon is available on the page, you don’t want to miss this one.

PhilStand Max: Reduces the stress on your body

PhilStand Max can make sure your laptop is perfectly aligned for all the hours you will spend with it. Caring about your health more than you do. It comes with an aluminum alloy design with stretchable and adjustable height. No matter you want to sit or stand, your eyes are parallel with the top of the screen. Supporting up to 17 inches laptop wide on the angle, PhilStand Max looks decent on the desk. With the ergonomic design, it makes sure you are always on the most comfortable posture. Don’t forget to use the $4 coupon on the page!

XIDU is holding a big GIVEAWAY on Facebook for all of the stands above. There are 40 spots available in total. Check their Facebook Post and enter to win.