NEC PX2000UL+ Laser Projector Released, 20000 Lumens Super Brightness!

Recently, NEC released a rather powerful laser projector, model PX2000UL+, with a brightness of 20,000 lumens, a resolution of 1920*1200, and a light source life of 20,000 hours.

The new PX2000UL+ is a super brightness of 20,000 lumens through DLP technology, and can effectively further improve the brightness of the picture in the “BOOST pressurization” mode, with a projection size of 40-500 inches. Even if a 500-inch (12.6-meter diagonal) picture is projected, it can still ensure quite high brightness.

Although the resolution is only 1920*1200, the PX2000UL+ uses an oversized DMD with a size of up to 0.96 inches, which is almost five times the area of the traditional projector’s 0.4 inch DMD. Large-size DMD can bring clearer and more detailed lake surface and smoother color, especially the text display can be comparable to liquid crystal display and is no longer blurred.

At the highest brightness, the PX2000UL + has a power of up to 1992 watts. In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation, NEC has designed a set of water cooling system. Even under full load, the projector can control the temperature well and the noise is lower than that of the traditional air-cooled heat dissipation projector.

For people who like pure white, PX2000UL+ provides three color temperatures for everyone to choose from. 6500K is standard white, 7500K is extreme white and 8500K is super white. There is no trouble with the so-called blue light for projectors. Even if the color temperature is 8500K, it will not cause eye damage like liquid crystal display, but you can experience very pure white at this color temperature.

This projector has just been announced. NEC has not announced the price and the time of its launch has not yet been determined. Interested people can continue to pay attention to our subsequent reports.