New Laser Engraver Brand Swiitol Launched two machines C18 Pro and C24 Pro

My friends must know that I’ve been focusing more on laser engraving machines lately, and I’ve been using such machines to engrave or cut some wooden boards to create some interesting gadgets. As a matter of fact, laser engraving machines have gradually become a favorite tool for people in the last few years. Whether it’s the hobbyist DIY crowd, small workshop studios, or even school students, all of them aspire to own a laser cutting machine with good performance.

I’m going to introduce you today to a new brand of laser engravers and the two models of machines it has launched, it’s Swiitol. the machines are the C18 Pro and C24 Pro.

Among the various brands in this market, Swiitol has been in business for several years and has sought to reach new markets with its products, offering a balance between “Quality, Innovation and Convenience”.

In order to strengthen its presence in this market, the Chinese brand has now launched two new models with reinforced arguments for those who want to engrave materials at home or in small businesses: the Swiitol C18 Pro 18W and C24 Pro 24W.

Swiitol C18 Pro 18W

  • Early bird price $539.99

The Swiitol C18 Pro 18W is a laser engraving machine with aluminum construction and arguments to meet any project.

With an engraving area of 400×400 mm, it includes a 90W laser that projects an optical power of 15-18W with a focus area of 0.08×0.08mm.

Capable of engraving more than 1000 different materials, this laser is powered by a 32-bit motherboard and allows engraving at a maximum speed of 30000 mm/min (with an optimum speed of 24000mm/min), supported by 20-24W ventilation (includes pre-installation of air assistance accessories).

To ensure operator safety, it includes a fire alarm, an emergency button to stop operation, eye protection that filters out 97% of ultra violet rays and a 4-axis limiter.

In terms of construction, the C18 Pro 18W is all aluminum, uses an integral threaded rod instead of a combined coupling to facilitate laser movement, higher and thinner legs and easy laser focusing.

Swiitol C24 Pro 24W

  • Early bird price $699.99

The Swiitol C24 Pro 24W is very similar to the previous model, but with the main arguments reinforced.

The construction remains in aluminum, the engraving area remains at 400×400 mm and includes the same protections for the user and the operation.

However, the laser has been upgraded to a more powerful 120W unit with 20-24W optical output that allows materials to be cut and engraved better.

The high-density laser can easily cut 10 mm balsa wood, 5 mm plywood and 12 mm thick black acrylic. It can also directly engrave shiny stainless steel, ceramics, glass and more.

The engraving and cutting speed is 40% higher, making it comparable to the effect of a 90W CO₂ laser engraving machine.

About Swiitol

The Swiitol name has been synonymous with quality, innovation and convenience since its inception. Swiitol was inspired by a simple yet powerful idea: to empower everyone to be an artist, creator, maker. They want to blur the lines between technology and art, machines and human creativity. Thus, Swiitol was born.