OMG! Creality Falcon2 22W Laser Engraver only for 889 USD now

We have already introduced you to Creality’s precise and powerful laser engravers with the CR Falcon Laser 10W. Now the manufacturer has introduced a new model. The Creality Falcon2 turns out to be particularly powerful with 22 watts, offers a particularly high working speed and comes with an integrated Air Assist that keeps the laser clean.

Impressive 22-watt power

With its 22-watt laser, the Creality Falcon2 reaches a whole new level and engraves even thicker materials reliably and precisely. The laser penetrates 15-millimeter-thick wood in a single pass, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for you.

For example, how about wooden chandeliers, furniture and much more? Even 10 mm thick acrylic or 0.05 mm thick stainless steel pose no problems for the laser engraver. It also penetrates these in just a single pass, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities for you compared to a 10W laser engraver.

Higher engraving speed

With a speed of 25,000mm per minute, the Creality Falcon2 engraves twice as fast as 10-watt models, noticeably increasing your productivity. Exciting for home use, but also for small businesses, which can thus produce more in less time.

New integrated Air Assist

A unique new feature of the Falcon2 marks the integrated “Air Assist,” which sets the laser engraver apart from any other product on the market. With a control on the device itself, you can freely and continuously adjust the air flow.

At the same time, the new air assist is designed to remove dust, protecting the laser’s lens during engraving and cutting. The result is an even cleaner and clearer result.

Triple monitoring

The Creality Falcon2 is equipped with no less than three monitoring systems that monitor the airflow, the laser, and the flame, giving you an extra measure of safety. Airflow monitoring displays the current volume of airflow and gives you the ability to adjust it based on your needs.

Laser monitoring triggers an alarm if the Falcon2 notices that the lens is dirty and flame monitoring watches out if a flame is detected anywhere.

Five protection mechanisms for greater security

In addition to improving engraving performance, Creality has also tweaked the Falcon2’s security features. No less than five protective mechanisms, including a bi-directional limit switch, an active stop function, a safety lock design, a safety off button and a protective cover for the laser, ensure maximum safety.

So you’re always on the safe side, with the knowledge in the back of your mind that it only takes the push of a button to instantly disable the Falcon2 if something should go wrong.

Dynamic offline preview

You can view the engraving and material on the Creality Falcon2 without the aid of a computer or other device thanks to a dynamic offline preview. The engraving process can be visually and dynamically examined and, if necessary, adjusted at the touch of a button to give you the best possible result.

Exceptionally high stability

Thanks to an aluminum frame, the Creality Falcon2 is particularly robust and stable at the same time; even during an engraving process, the device does not move. The other materials used, such as tubes or the durable wheels, also move particularly smoothly even at high speeds.

At the same time, the newly designed foot pad ensures that the engraver stands securely on the table and does not move. Which makes the results even better than with its predecessors.

Price and Giveaway

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If you are used to shopping on Amazon, the Creality Falcon2 has also been logged into the Amazon store, the original price is 1299 US dollars, and there is currently a discount of 330 US dollars, you can get it at a price of 969 US dollars on Amazon.

Creality has been celebrating its 9th anniversary, and here’s a sale page with discounts on a variety of items, so don’t miss it.

In addition, they also have an Easter Giveaway event, try your luck: Giveaway-Easter CreationEaster. Note that the event time is: From Mar 10th, 2023 to Apr 10th, 2023