OneOdio Black Friday 2020 special offers for you

New bargains are coming at OneOdio similar to Singles Day, but now on Black Friday. You will pay one, get two specials when you can buy two for the price of 1 headphone, lightning game and 50% discount as well. All this with a 2-year warranty on all their products and is available from most EU warehouses, which is not, it is shipped with VAT and duty free delivery.

The first is the lightning offers, which means nothing more than that three models can be brought in cheaper than usual on Black Friday. The A10, Pro-G – we tested that too – and the Pro C noise generators were discounted to the ground. Knowing the quality and sound of the company’s products, I’d rather buy them now than anything else if I looked in the budget category. What do you need to know about them? The first and last model is a wireless piece, and the middle one is a wired, gaming-developed model with an excellent microphone. In addition, the A10 is a brand new product, not to mention ANC – active noise cancellation – by the way, it has a very long service life, it also has a quick charge:

Of course, the headphones come with a stack of presents as before: a Christmas headband and Miki sapi, a coaster and a stand. Yes, you understand all four at once. They give a 2-year warranty on all their products, which shows how much the manufacturer trusts in their products.

50% Cheaper Products

This is perhaps the most frank action this year, as in addition to the ajcsik here , you can choose any of the models from the list below, all at half price. With the standard Get30 coupon, you can now cut the original price by about 50%, which is quite strong, especially knowing the quality of the OneOdio stuff:

You get the bonus here in the form of a funny Santa hat and a reindeer headband.

Two is better than one

The next great promotion is the one-paid, two- option option, when 2 of the OneOdio A71 could be taken home for the price of one. Before the holidays, this comes in very handy, you can give two as gifts to your brothers at once, but if someone is one, you pull one in for your own use and pass the other on as a gift. This option now only applies to the A71, but in fact the 50% coupon knows almost the same thing if you lose two there as well:

In addition to VAT- and duty-free delivery, the product is available from Hong Kong, for which the company promises 6-10 days delivery, which, knowing the distance, should be bottled enough.