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I know there are a ton of choices to choose from for a 12.5 inch screen laptop however the XIDU Tour Pro ended up being an amazing decision. I have never had a laptop that is all-metal in design yet it truly satisfies in the vibe of a quality build.

The amazing XIDU Tour Pro is among the 3 new models that the Chinese manufacturer launched this present year and it is for the most part business-oriented as it accompanies a 12.5″ display for greatest portability and a full-sized backlit keyboard for working in low-light conditions. The design is obviously enlivened by Apple’s design and the 2K display is an element for the most part found in costly models.

With stunning exterior styling and the latest eighth Intel Kaby Lake R 3867U 1.8GHz CPU and illustrations execution from Intel, the new XIDU Tour Pro 12.5 feels like the zenith of a long exertion to plan the ideal workstation. I have been looking for a go-anywhere, lightweight, head-turning ultraportable laptop that will chew through productivity tasks and even handle overwhelming gaming or multimedia editing, the XIDU Tour Pro 12.5comes up to be the best decisions I have ever made.

Let’s see what it brings to the table in terms of design and hardware.

Design and Hardware

The XIDU Tour Pro is a thin metallic laptop with a 180 degree convertible hinge and it’s simply 0.62″ thin while its weight scarcely reaches 3.5 pounds. The 12.5″ 2K display features exceptionally meager bezels that take into consideration 88% screen-to-body ratio while the 2K resolution and 10-point touchscreen alongside the full-sized backlit keyboard make it look and act professionally. The huge screen/body ratio and those flimsy bezels offer a vivid visual experience for a wide range of clients. Weight and slimness are great and make it advantageous to carry whenever!

Proceeding onward to the hardware specs, the XIDU Tour Pro is intriguing both within and outside. The laptop is powered by the eighth Intel Kaby Lake R 3867U 1.8GHz CPU with a top clock speed of 4.0GHz. The CPU is supported by 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 256GB ROM which can be expanded up to 512GB increasingly through SSD expansion. The ports included are many for a small ultra-book and incorporate 1 x USB Type-C, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x MicroSD reader, 1 x Headphone jack, and 1 x Charging Port. Obviously, the top element is the 2K resolution on such a small display as most users are used to take a shot at cumbersome laptops with HD or FHD resolution.


Performance-wise, the XIDU Tour Pro is a perfect decision for expending media content (videos/music) and doing office work. The moderately powerful CPU backed with the 8GB of RAM and fast SSD offers smooth performance and stable multitasking experience. For instance, streaming 2K recordings on YouTube while performing different tasks simultaneously was immaculate.

Proceeding onward to the display, it is gratitude to the 2K resolution and the brilliance is entirely high with the goal that outdoor use is possible. The positioning of the speakers takes into account sound to pump out loud and the full-sized, backlit keyboard is incredible for typing. Furthermore, it is prepared to do some heavy gaming just as 2K video editing, with lower performance than gaming or workstation laptops obviously. In conclusion, the one-touch power button empowers users to power on the notebook while simultaneously performing the fingerprint authentication using Windows Hello platform. The desktop is available in only 3 seconds.

In the wake of using the XIDU Tour Pro 12.5 2 consistently for seven days, I found that everything feels very well-designed. The 3.5 pound weight is on the substantial side for an ultraportable, yet the body feels strong, not clumsy and massive. I now just need my one hand to open the display lid. On numerous laptops, you need two to pry open the stiff hinges. Regardless of whether you’re tapping on the touch screen or on the entirely comfortable touchpad, the laptop reacts right away. The screen bounces practically nothing, and the touchpad doesn’t experience the ill effects of the sluggishness or cheap-feeling hinges that are regular on numerous Windows laptops.

Being a student I must say that this laptop is quite suitable for students who have online lessons, the 2K resolution screen is so good for eyes, and the touchscreen is very convenient. The graphical capability of the system is truly the biggest surprise. I am not just talking about the ultra-high definition quality of the screen, which kind of speaks for itself, but by the software it is capable of running. I have Skyrim running on the system, albeit at low graphical settings, but for a computer without a dedicated video card I am amazed that it runs at all. I also use Blender for 3d design and 3d printing and it runs as well on the Tour Pro as it does on my prior full size laptop. I love how realistic the background photos is, the assistant who talks to you which is pretty cool to listen to you.

My personal favorite part about the styling, however, is that everything appears to be flawlessly proportioned. With an 88 percent screen-to-body ratio, an enormous and comfortable touchpad, the XIDU Tour Pro 12.5 doesn’t squander any space. That is as opposed to the Apple MacBook, which is likewise very well-built yet has a lower screen-to-body ratio that outcomes in extra space around the keyboard and display. Everything is beyond organized better than a MacBook to me.

I am thrilled I gave XIDU a chance to prove what they can do. They really delivered with the Tour Pro, especially for a unit that costs under $500.

So, I am highly impressed by the amazing laptop.If you’ve also been looking for a portable laptop with 2K display and good overall performance, then I will strongly recommend you to seriously consider the XIDU Tour Pro.

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