AGM G1 Pro

AGM G1 Pro

Brand: AGM
Category: Audio
  • 1: IP54 waterproof degree
  • 2: 9mm driver units
  • 3: In-ear design
  • 4: Cable Length (m): 1.1m
  • 5: Driver unit: 9mm

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AGM G1 Pro Music Earphones

On December 5 last year, AGM released a headset in a different way: AGM G1 Pro. Prior to this release, AGM officially released a few posters for users to guess, and did not give a detailed introduction to this headset, which is really fascinating. With the official release of the headset on December 5, the official situation is that the AGM G1 Pro headset is a small surprise for consumers at the end of the year.

AGM G1 Pro

Tri-band performance

The sound quality is the core of the headphones, so the first item is definitely the most intuitive sound quality performance. From the frequency response diagram, the tri-band performance is still very good.

AGM G1 Pro

I preferred to use the Android phone to listen. In the actual audition process, the bass midrange performance is satisfactory. The tuning is not as good as some ordinary headphones, and the bass is adjusted to the level of the head, but it just restores the bass. Nature.

The more pleasant surprise is the high-pitched part, the high-pitched sound is bright, especially in the case of lossless music, the restoration of the human voice is in place. It can be confirmed that this is in line with the official frequency response diagram, and the tri-band performance is generally satisfactory.


As a dynamic ring earphone, it can be judged that the G1 Pro basically puts the advantages of the dynamic ring earphone in place. In addition to the professional requirements on tuning, to achieve sound quality balance, both the cavity structure and component selection are key.

The G1 Pro diaphragm uses the German ARYPHAN? polyarylate diaphragm. Speaking of ARYPHAN? It is necessary to mention the German company that produced it: LOFO HIGH TECH FILM GMBH, with 80 years of history and German manufacturing process bonus, in actual experience. It is also easy to push the diaphragm of the polyarylate material. From the structural design point of view, the sound cavity is designed evenly and has little effect on the sound refraction.

Wire control

The operation of the earphones has never been so cumbersome. It is generally divided into several major factions. It is equipped with the button group of “previous song, pause/play, next song”, and the button set with “volume +, volume -, play / pause”. The “one button” party removes the volume button and replaces the “play/pause, previous song, next song” function with one button and multiple buttons. It is obvious that the AGM G1 Pro belongs to this faction.

There are several types of wire control methods that are not superior or not. I personally prefer one-button operation. For individuals, using one button instead of three keys has obvious advantages. When blindly pressing, you can avoid wrong pressing. Need to remember that the double click is the next song and the third hit is the previous song.

Headphone cable

The headphone cable is a very important part of the headset, because the headset cable involves 3 points: the first is whether it can effectively reduce the stethoscope effect; the second is whether it can be used normally in cold conditions; the third is the ability to resist pulling.

The G1 Pro’s headphone cable consists of two parts. The part that connects the sound chamber is made of TPE. The main part is the braided nylon thread. The inside is also made of Kevlar fiber (famous bulletproof material). The author has verified that the G1 Pro can effectively reduce the effect of the stethoscope when it comes to the beginning of the audition. It has crossed the line of many headphones.

As for whether it can be used in a cold environment, I believe this is the original intention of AGM to use nylon braided wire. It is well known that in winter or high altitude outdoor, the ordinary earphone cord will be frozen and hard, and it is basically unusable. The soft and moist nature of the braided wire determines its adaptability and is soft and usable in cold conditions. It is not difficult to believe that this should be the use scenario that AGM considers as a manufacturer of outdoor mobile phones.

Protection ability

AGM G1 Pro

Considering that AGM is an outdoor mobile phone manufacturer, the author pays special attention to the protective capabilities of the G1 Pro. The curious outdoor sports headphones do not have a mounting ear. From the description of the official staff and the official positioning, AGM defines the earphone as “outdoor leisure headphones”. The author has thought about it. This scene is also more practical. People who listen to music during outdoor sports (not just running) Relatively small, especially on foot, hiking, adventure, etc., and there are more people listening to music during breaks. The ability of the headset to adapt to pockets, bags, etc. is also important.

G1 Pro waterproof level is IP54, waterproof intrusion splashing, working temperature -20° ~ 60°, to avoid damage in high temperature and low temperature environment, even if this time is not listening to music.


Product Details

Features ● In-ear design, listen to music without being disturbed by outside noise
● IP54 waterproof degree, enjoy music in any weather condition
● 9mm driver units deliver audiophile-grade music
Specification Brand: AGM
Function: Answering Phone,Microphone,Noise Cancelling,Song Switching,Sweatproof,Voice control,Waterproof
Material: Metal
Model: G1 Pro
Type: In-Ear
Wearing type: In-Ear

Application: Running,Sport,Working
Cable Length (m): 1.1m
Compatible with: Computer,iPhone,iPod,Mobile phone,MP3,Portable Media Player
Connectivity: Wired
Driver unit: 9mm
Frequency response: 100Hz - 20KHz
Impedance: 32ohms±15 percent
Plug Type: 3.5mm
Sensitivity: 98dB ± 3dB

Package size (L x W x H): 18.00 x 10.00 x 5.00 cm / 7.09 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches
Package weight: 0.1460 kg
Product weight: 0.0130 kg


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