Qidi Q1 Pro 3D Printer with Active Chamber Heating and Independent Dual Z-axis is coming

Qidi announces a new 3D printer today: Raising the curtain on the Qidi Q1 Pro, an enclosed CoreXY 3D printer that aims to leave the competition behind with one feature in particular. The Qidi Q1 PRO becomes a trailblazer in the versatile 3D printing market, offering an unrivaled combination of advanced features, professional-grade performance and affordability. Featuring cutting-edge technology and innovative design, Q1 PRO 3D printer promises to revolutionize the way hobbyists, amateurs, professionals and businesses approach additive manufacturing.

Active chamber heating

The heart of the QIDI Q1 PRO is its unique active chamber heating system. This breakthrough feature ensures efficient and high quality printing on ABS, PA and other temperature sensitive wires. By precisely controlling the temperature in the print chamber, warpage is virtually eliminated, resulting in perfect print results every time you use it. Whether you are producing prototypes, functional parts or artistic creations, the Active Chamber Heating System ensures consistent results and unrivaled precision.

Auto Leveling and Dual Sensor Technology

Gone are the days of manual bed leveling and painstaking adjustments. the QIDI Q1 PRO features fully automatic leveling with dual sensors for a hassle-free setup experience. This dual sensor technology provides a double guarantee of a perfect first layer, ensuring optimal adhesion and dimensional accuracy from the start. With the automatic leveling feature, even novice users can easily obtain professional-quality prints.

Dual Z-axis motor drive

Accuracy is critical in 3D printing, and the QIDI Q1 PRO delivers on this aspect with its dual Z-axis motor drive. This professional-grade setup not only ensures ultimate stability during printing, but also improves accuracy by minimizing motion artifacts and inconsistencies. With the dual Z-axis motor drive, you get prints with smooth surfaces, crisp details and high dimensional accuracy, perfect for intricate designs and complex geometries.

A new generation of extruders and bimetallic nozzles

Versatility is the hallmark of the QIDI Q1 PRO, thanks to its next-generation extruder and bimetal nozzle design. This printer is compatible with a wide range of consumables, including PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU and more, enabling users to explore endless creative possibilities. The bimetallic nozzle ensures reliable filament extrusion and consistent print quality across a wide range of materials, while the next-generation extruder facilitates smooth filament feeding and precise deposition.

Intelligent Feed Detection System

Say goodbye to print failures and wasted consumables with the QIDI Q1 PRO’s Intelligent Feed Detection System. Equipped with filament runout detection and filament wrap detection, this printer provides real-time monitoring and alerts to ensure uninterrupted printing and peace of mind. Whether you’re running a long print job or trying out new materials, the Smart Feed Detection System prevents potential problems, minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

Ultra-high speed printing and CoreXY architecture

When it comes to speed and efficiency, the QIDI Q1 PRO is way ahead of the competition. With a top speed of 600mm/s, a high throughput of 30mm3/sec and an acceleration of 20,000mm/s², this printer delivers ultra-high speed printing without compromising on quality.The CoreXY architecture, TMC2240, combined with Silent Drive technology, ensures smooth and precise movement, reducing noise and motion inertia while increasing print speed and stability.

Full metal frame and built-in camera

With an all-metal frame and bottom reinforcement, the QIDI Q1 PRO is built to withstand the rigors of continuous use, providing unmatched stability and resistance to deformation. The built-in camera allows for instant monitoring of print status and time-lapse photography, providing users with real-time insights and the ability to effortlessly document the printing process.

QIDI Slicer and Klipper 64-bit Processors

Powered by QIDI Slicer software, the Q1 PRO delivers a seamless printing experience that adapts to high-speed printing needs for users of all skill levels.The Klipper 64-bit processor with 32GB eMMC and 150M 2.4G wireless card ensures fast and reliable performance, while the open-source nature of Klipper allows for easy expansion and customization of features.

Summary and Price

With its full range of material application capabilities and precise control, the QIDI Q1 PRO enables users to bring their ideas to life with unprecedented accuracy and versatility. Whether you’re a novice dabbling in the world of 3D printing, a seasoned hobbyist looking for an upgrade, a farmer looking to diversify into full-length filament printing, or a studio engaging in mass production, this printer is the ultimate companion.

Priced at a competitive $599, and now available at its early bird price of $469, the QIDI Q1 PRO 3D printer offers unbeatable value with its extensive feature set and professional-grade performance. Don’t miss your chance to experience the future of 3D printing with the QIDI Q1 PRO.