Selpic Star A 3D printer is now really for everyone thanks to the shock price

Sometimes with the promotions that we also publish through our pages you can buy a cheap 3D printer, but to get one even with the discount you still have to invest hundreds of euros. From today, however, there is an exception: it is called Selpic Star A and it focuses on this aspect.

With the starting price of only 99 dollars – which corresponds to about 85 euros with the current exchange rate – you can take home a multifunctional 3D printer very compact and easy to use, customizable thanks to its open-source features and useful to enjoy this new technology without having to spend a fortune.

Let’s start with the dimensions: it stands in a space of about 26 x 24 x 25 centimeters and weighs exactly 2 kilograms, which means that being three times lighter than most 3D printers currently on the market in addition to taking up little space can be moved very easily. Despite this, it is stable enough to ensure that it does not move with vibrations while it is in operation.

Another aspect to consider depending on what the market offers is the ease of installation. You don’t have to waste hours and hours of time to install it because you do everything in three steps: just tighten two screws, connect two cables and insert the filament for printing. In short, everything is done in two minutes. Control is also simplified by four backlit buttons.

As far as the quality of the prints is concerned, the company promises professional results thanks to the use of direct extrusion technology. The nozzle is made of brass – they explain – and this allows to keep the extrusion process regular thanks to the smooth inner wall and the excellent thermal conductivity of this material. The accuracy is 100 μm along the X and Y axis, and just 50 μm in the Z axis.

This printer uses a low noise motor (below 60 dB) so that it can also be used in rooms where there are other people working. It supports the print resumption mode in case of power failure or filament depletion and, more importantly, it supports additional components. For example, the buttons can be replaced by a 2.4″ touch screen or a laser engraving head can be installed. You can also upgrade the base plate with a 100-degree heated base, which allows for more adhesion during printing for even better results.

The Selpic Star A 3D printer is currently available on Kickstarter with a special discount for the first ones who will support the project.