Swiitol releases a new model: Swiitol E24 Pro 24W all-in-one laser engraving machine

The Swiitol E24 Pro is a 24W all-in-one laser engraving machine. It features an integrated structure made of aluminum alloy, allowing it to be used straight out of the box without installation.

The machine’s electric power is 130W, and it has a laser output optical power of 24W. The spot size is 0.06×0.06mm, and the engraving ruler measures 365x305mm. The maximum engraving speed is 36000mm/Min.

The Swiitol E24 Pro laser adopts a second-generation blue laser packaging process, which compresses the laser spot and significantly improves cutting capabilities. It also enhances the heat dissipation efficiency of high-power lasers.

The bottom frame of the Swiitol E24 Pro is formed in one piece, and the X-axis metal adopts a double-axis guide rail structure to work with small vibration, ensuring that the machine does not shake when running at high speed.

The machine also features a tank chain wire binding scheme for smooth wire harness movement, which enhances the overall appearance and contributes to the longevity of the wire, preventing entanglement.

The laser is equipped with a red light cross positioning module as standard, which can position the engraving range faster and more accurately and determine the flatness of the material.

The Swiitol E24 Pro is powered by a brand-new 32-bit motherboard, providing faster data reception and processing capabilities. This intelligent motherboard supports optional accessories for autofocus, power-off resume carving, sinking cutting, and other advanced functions.

Swiitol offers a range of accessories such as honeycomb panels, air assists, rollers, claw plates, conveyor belts, and air purifiers. These accessories, although sold separately, provide users with the flexibility to customize their machine according to specific requirements.

Price and Availability

Thanks to the Black Friday offers, right now you can buy the Swiitol E24 Pro for only $549.00 in US Warehouse and €502.74 in EU Warehouse. And if you subscribe to the Swiitol shop (it’s free, just enter your email address) you get an additional 5% discount.