SwitchBot Curtain for you, Please make your windows smart

Options abound for motorizing and smartening up blinds and shades, but what if you have curtains? Rendering those hanging panels of fabric into smart window coverings presents such a particular challenge that only a handful of options exist, and most of those require you to install a special motorized track.

SwitchBot is the only exception I’ve seen. The SwitchBot Curtain, as low as $69, is a fantastic way of enhancing your living environments with automation and voice/app control. In short, it’s a robot-like unit that hangs on a curtain rod behind your curtain and slides along the rod to open and close.

SwitchBot Curtain has been selected as a finalist in the IDEA 2020 (International Design Excellence Awards). It’s the pioneer of the retrofitted smart curtain category. Not like other smart curtain solutions, SwitchBot Curtain is coming to retrofit and automate your existing curtains. By one step attach it to tracks, transform your curtains into smart ones within seconds.

Whether you want to set your curtains up to automatically open at a particular time each day, or upon sunrise, the SwitchBot Curtain can do the leg work. Moreover, it can also be triggered by opening an app on your phone or by simply asking your smart speaker to do it.

The SwitchBot Curtain is sold in three different options (Rod, U-Rail, and I-Rail) and comes in black and white color options. Further, it is available in single, double, and four-pack bundles.

We’ve had a pair SwitchBot Curtain (Rod) units in place for a few weeks now and have come to appreciate their singular focus. It’s like having mom open the curtains in your bedroom so that you wake refreshed and ready to take on the world.

If you’re into playing around with IFTTT, you’ll love creating actions such as automatically opening the curtains when your phone connects to Wi-Fi, or something as simple as closing at sunset.

It takes all of a few minutes to set up a SwitchBot Curtain and everything is guided through the app. Calibration is fairly simple in that you teach the robot how far to move when opened and closed. Additionally, you can enable a quiet mode that moves a little slower but doesn’t make as much noise. For what it’s worth, the default sound isn’t all that bad.

Battery life is expected to be eight months but you can always check the status in the app. Charging is done by plugging in a USB Type-C cord. An optional Solar Panel can be added behind the curtain which automatically replenishes the battery so that you never have to take it down.

Where to buy?

Amazon: Original price: $89, Price after code: $62.30, Use coupon: 10FZBANX

Official website: Original price: $99, Price after code: $69.99, Use coupon:SPRING20

Promo Time :1-13 April 23:59 PDT